Is there any nationality more kino at protests than the people from Hong-Kong?

Is there any nationality more kino at protests than the people from Hong-Kong?

Stay strong brothers

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Ukrainians have got the protest/riot aesthetic perfected and nobody's come close to beating them yet

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Based Ukraine btfo'ing the russians

>chink vs another indenial chink

Kek, China just opens 6 news free trade city. HK is gonna finished.

You are like Chinese baby
Watch this

Why do chicoms act so unhinged when talking about hk? r/sino has been a very funny read

HK protest aesthetic is very tryhard and fake. People pose for photos, wave meme slogans and jump from trend to trend every other day.

Ukraine protests were pure kino

Someone posts that gilets jaunes pic with more than 10 classes.

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Mainlanders believe that freedom of thought is heresy.

They believe traitors should be purged and they're right. Burn the heretics.

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Yes. Does I have to remind you about the HUEpening?


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>Arrow on the left

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Clankening was god tier too.

If I was China, I'd just say "fine, live in your fucking dog cages then, traitors".

>if you dont wanna live in a dictatorship you are a traitor

China isn't a dictatorship anymore than the west is.

True. Burn the heretics of the "people's" "republic" of "china", praise Sun Yat Sen and long live the Republic of China.

LOL, i think all that tea and biscuits has rotted your brain

Nah. I'd rather burn the race traitors that wave union jacks and amerimutt flags. Sun would burn them too.

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okay Zhang Smith it may be like this in the UK but not in here

Not exactly the best metric you can use to measure dictatorness, but you have social credits and cucked internet.

Its true. In China, you vote for a representative in congress, the party itself elects the leader. This is pretty much the same as every other country, unless you think because you get to vote for one of two parties who will do the same thing because they're both funded by the donor class is democracy. American elections aren't even real elections, they're more like opinion polls.

People in Shenzhen probably lives better than Hong Konger in their cages.

>one party states are okay because in America republicans and Democrats are similar

i cant tell if you are coping or genuinely retarded, mr chang

guess we will never know from all that firewall and propaganda :)

The point of a socialist one-party state is that it only represents one group of people: the workers. There's no room for a bourgeois party. of course China has long since left that path, but one party states are good if they are kept at above 50% worker membership. Its when it dips below that things go south.

Nothing lived up to Euromaidan yet.

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if its so great why are you in UK? :)

I choose Barbarian

Because I live here, only speak english and have the task of building communism here?

>task of building communism here
real commmunism isnt a dictatorship chang :)

France is just niggers and arabs looting and destroying everything just for the fun of it, HK has people actually protesting for a reason.

It is. Theorical communism isn't dictatorship.

Communism isn't, but socialism is a dictatorship of the proletariat.

>commie britcuck

people like you is why you can't buy a butter knife in England

i have to say my pride is hurt

If it's any consolation, he likely isn't ethnically British

>have dictatorship call it communism
do whatever you want sweety, but PRC is still dictatorship that will fall as soon as the money runs out to keep the masses happy :)
good, now go live in one to motivate you, NK, PRC many choices :)

"Go and live in one", this such a stupid argument. I would live in NK though, its a very nice country.

im sure you would blend in too :)

European "protests" are cringy posturing

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They are only btfo'ing themselves

Why do people sympathize with the rioters more so than people who just want to be left alone? Surely those that don’t want to be disturbed have rights to peace don’t they?

Well because in Hong Kongs if you want to be left alone in your lifestyle you should probably be rioting

user, not everybody follows the same ideology or cares as much about specific ideological points as yourself. a lot of people are sometimes content with just living their lives. don't they have the right to peaceful enjoyment?

Beause have freedom and go to non freedom has everything to do with "living their lives peacefuly"

name one freedom that was taken away.

The People's Republic of China will propel humanity into prosperity against the reactionaries of the West. China has forever been the forefront of humanity, and it will soon regain its rightful place. Those who oppose the People's Republic of China are dooming themselves.
The Imperialists of Japan will face the People's Republic's wrath.
The Separatists of Taiwan will soon be reunited with the People's Republic.
The Reactionaries of Tibet will be crushed by the weight of the Party.
The South China Sea shall remain part of China.
The Agents of the West in Hong Kong will be crushed for their treason.
And the American Imperialist Dogs will soon be destroyed from within.
Praise be to the People's Republic and the Communist Party!
Long Live the People's Republic of China!

Are these HK protesters allowed to skip school?

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Those HK protests always strike me as retardedly posed as if they are taking pictures for instagram. They look exactly like those rich Chinks you see at Tomorrowland

Ukraine>Hong Kong>>France

Le butthurt mark

´Freedom of going to a certain websites, freedom of association, freedom of press (you don't know if you are being robbed by politicias or companies or not), freedom of being gay in public, freedom of creating a company if you are not aligned with party etc

hong kong has all those freedoms already. name one freedom that was taken away.

Well just wait for China to take control

I am not a tool of china or a tool of america so I literally do not give a fuck.

so why are they rioting now about an 'erosion' of rights when none have been taken from them?