Eastern Europe is booming. Look at all these giant skyscrapers they are erecting

Eastern Europe is booming. Look at all these giant skyscrapers they are erecting

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Maybe you should move there then.

Germcucks are secretly jealous of eastern euros
Their shitty cities are crumbling and their country is stagnating
Nobody builds shiny new buildings in germany

those highrises don't look bad

It looks like Shanghai

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skyscrapers kinda suck
i would rather have some fake plastic neoclassical facade slapped on the buildings desu

kek. scyscrapers are thirdie cock compensation things. no true firstie salivates about them.

>high rise buildings

>this retarded Pole in Germany again

This century will belong to eastern Europe. They are building the world's tallest skyscrapers at an impressive rate. It's become so normal that they don't even brag about it

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damn poland should lead the EU instead of germany they would build skyscrapers everywhere and make us all first world

>poland should lead the EU
It already does.

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Bartek, come home polish man

>giant skyscrapers

I can't see any of them on your pics(s).

>damn poland should lead the EU instead of germany they would build skyscrapers everywhere and make us all first world
Poland has better IT jobs than germany,you underestimate this country.


Who thought it needs skyscrapers should be necked


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looks comfy

That's what locals unironically call that neighborhood

>Vilnius downtown is literally full of wooden ukraine-tier huts
No wonder they're all leaving

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They are definitely slavic

Lol, that's snipiskes district
It's basically Russian- Polish old babushkas unwilling to sell their huts living there. By building office building, we try to gentrify the district and force them to sell.


Lithuania is actually horrible, no wonder you all leaving

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Ofc everything bad in glorious Lithuania is always connected to Poles and Russians

Both Finland and Denmark have a high migration rate and on top of that Denmark still has a positive natural increase, I don't know how they're supposed to decrease in population


Do you think modern skyscrapers will have the same value as ancient buildings have today? In terms of cultural importance and etc

Fuck no


how much one of dese houses cost

Dis is a price bor breedom

>filled with Churkas and Chinks every day
>still lose 10%

I prefer 1980 Poland.

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But it's true actually, because Russians and Poles tend to be on the low end of socioeconomic strata

Also, the district in question is one of the cheapest and most dangerous in Vilnius

I fucking hate this mindset. We should build stuff that fits the local environment and surroundings, not those glass totems for corpodrones to jerk off to how modern and advanced they are.

Cope more,-35% superpower

no, they mostly all look the same and have no connection to the countries culture

based and wrathofgnonpilled

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Sir... SIR, colours are prohibited here!

I prefer 1940 Poland.

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There are no Polish people in Lithuania lol, who the fuck would want to live in Lithuania... Poles were expulsed/murdered by lithuanians and soviets in 1945. Every one of them.

All skyscrapers in Poland are photoshopped. They are NOT real, it's all propaganda. Skyscrapers in Poland DO NOT exist.


I prefer 2019 Sweden.

Hail Mongollaiset.

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sorry but at least we have freedom unlike your "people chosen" presidents for life mafia system, enjoy serfdom ivan

They exist but they're few and pretty small

Lithuania has no skyscrapers at all because none of their buildings are higher than 150m

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kino af

I wish they didn't. Luckily we don't have any in Kraków.

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you must delete this post IMMEDIATELY or I will sue you for defamation and demand more reparations!!!!!

Freedom was never an option for baltic states, remember who you are.

They are ok because Moscow is 1st world that is better than Baltics, doesn't matter that rest of Russia is shit.

we have freedom, you have serfdom, deal with it, have fun snagging some useless land from georgia and ukraine, cuz thats the last land you imperialist faggots are ever going to get if not balkanization 2.0
yeah there are important thing in life instead of living in moscow, its called freedom, im sure you know what it is

>its called freedom
I'd rather be a Russian and move to Moscow and be a Latvian and be 3rd class citizen in Luton.

Also I'd give up my """"freedoms""" if the status quo would make me rich, which is what is happening in China and was happening in Russia for some time. Russia however isn't the greatest example of well governing


Of course not.

See demographics of Lithuania

Why the fuck city of 600k people would need fuck huge towers?

Just because some Lithuanians or Russians larp as Polish to get the Polish Card doesn't mean they are Polish. Native Wilno people live in Szczecin.

looks like detroit

Lol, maybe in your dream world

seething shithuanian

>tfw no gf

imagine unironically calling yourself european when your cities look like this

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>daily germoid butthurt thread

I think almost anyone would bar americans.
>Russia however isn't the greatest example of well governing
China has a history of strict bureaucracy and while Russia has been copying China's economic example of accepting foreign investments because foreign business would be too big competition for businesses of their oligarchs they've failed to develop their economy.

I'm not sure if it's because of sanctions, bad luck or maybe because Russians are just incompetent and not Chinese but they've still failed at developing their economy except at selling hydrocarbons, which is losing value. Currently they're trying to imitate China's foreign policies in Africa but the future does not look good for Russia and it's no wonder why almost every semi-literate Russian is gtfoing out of Russia at the first oppurtunity.

I won't being Europoor is an insult desu.

literally the most soulless shit

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It's where money is made, so it's "good".

It's part of efficient architecture. If it was combined with good public space I wouldn't protest at all.

then move, you have the freedom :)
>Also I'd give up my """"freedoms""" if the status quo would make me rich, which is what is happening in China
yeah, one of 2 things will happen
1. money runs out and now you are poor and have no freedom
2. at some point freedom is more important than money
lose lose situation, kurwa

>efficient architecture

It's the complete opposite.

>then move
Poland is better than both
not an argument, good luck having no skyscrapers in megacities like NYC or Shanghai, or even Frankfurt

no shit retard, now you can stop sucking imperialist dick :)

If you come from a shithole it's almost necessary to have skyscrapers if you want a business hub to develop your country as geographic centrality is crucial.

>now you can stop sucking imperialist dick :)
I'm not the guy you were talking with before retard

Which is nothing like Warsaw with commieblocks, huge brownfields and few glass towers

You have plenty of space

Best approach is imho like this project in Prague which have same high like other buildings and it's mixed with offices and apartments

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I plan to visit Moscow in the near future.
>at some point freedom is more important than money
This literally Latvia in a nutshell. I'm Romania-tier poor but have freedom of cleaning toilets in UK slum districts.


this should be the capital of Poland

no cuz they have souless modernist design created by some autistic french and german

>t. primitive East European ape

>t. truely civilized European citoyen

Endless growth is unsustainable tho, look at the housing crisis in the US 2009 for reference.

It used to be. Warsaw is still wealthier and more powerful.

I hate skyscrapers so goddamn much
Just wish someone banned them here already

>thinks he will be some big shot in a dictatorship
lmao, you will just be cleaning toilets in a gulag, also with freedom you can be whoever you want to be, even a citizen of other free countries, but you wouldnt know, fascist incel :D


Are you that guy who used to post on Jow Forums 2 years ago or are you new here?

why polak love skiscrappers? i went to poland to visit a friend and she was like so proud introducing me about those high building with glass in the city say how modern is poland now and stuff ...and i was like haha yeah woah, tbf it look like bootleg china

polaks just love signs of development, whether it's visible or invisible just like 5G network or blik cash payments.

And Warsaw is pretty impressive city considering it's a village by population standards.

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>money runs out and now you are poor and have no freedom
I disagree. Take a look at Rwanda as they're in the right path nowadays. Since they set up a authoritarian system they've become one of the safest, cleanest and fastest growing countries in SSA because of

1. Random security checkpoints all over the country
2. Forced communal cleaning sessions every Sunday
3. Construction of their own airways

Number one has increased the political stability allowing much foreign investment, two has built up discipline to keep a clean country and three has allowed an easier access for doing business which has brought more money.

I hate authoritarian systems but it depends if you care about whether the ends justify the means.

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we've been growing for 27 years in a row now (28 if you count 2019)

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Wasting your lifes on seaching for someone elses posts. Germans are truly no life artists.

Damn you're gonna surpass both China and America if this trend continues

>decreasing pop

>I disagree.