If you can’t speak at least 3 modern languages fluently, you got no place on Jow Forums

If you can’t speak at least 3 modern languages fluently, you got no place on Jow Forums.

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ok nafri lover

>A little bit of French
>A little bit of Quebecois
Get on my level faggot

non so manco l'inglese dio cane

Which dialect of gypsy do you speak?

Romani chib

/polish english swedish/ here



LMAOing at Americans who can only speak 1 language and "a bit of Spanish"

She's my pornfu.

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Az apád fasza.

Wonder when she anherros.


>Mfw I didn't choose german as a voluntary school subject because I felt was already bothered by force-swedish
>Chose cooking instead
>I still hate cooking

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>grandpa dialet

btfo fag

>Muidugi, ma oksan inglise keelt
>Satördei, Sandei, Mandei, Tjuusdei, Vensdei, Torsdei, Fraaidei

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wdym gypsy? There are no gypsies in the glorious country of chad

Santi, manti, tuusti, vensti, töösti, raiti, sätötei

this doesn't say i'm obligated to speak multiple languages to browse int.


English, Canadian and American
I also know conversational Australian and hope to learn Kiwi one day

>Spanish (C1)
>English (C1, possibly C2)

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Perche' dubiti che io non sappia parlare italiano?



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Long after you do.

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Kek I already tried at 29, she was like 11 or 12 then.

Not bad, i guess

Bozgorian doesn't count ;)

I can hahahahaha

Nice, lets just ban all the angloflags
Would make this place better

sorry to hear that, user.
hope things are better

Négy nyelv te izé, négy. Nem három.

Aha, yeah.

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Je sais parler français.
I can speak English.
𐎀𐎗𐎂𐎎 𐎟 𐎍𐎌𐎐 𐎟 𐎜𐎂𐎗𐎊

Romania, German, Hungarian, Japanese, English

Az anyád picsája.

>Russian(speak only)

>Not posting in Klingon or Vulcan.

I dunno, Tagalog, Filipino, English, and 2 other small languages in Flipland none of you know about (Illocano and Waray)

Not a real language

>learning (((alphabetic))) languages

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that doesn't count, you have to be fluent since childhood, otherwise you never get there properly

that's a man


For you.

I'm fluent in English
I know Bengali to an elementary schooler level and Japanese to a middle schooler level.

I speak Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans, and Surinamese. Get on my level.

>Albanian (native)
> sole french
>some german
>some spanish

You have to go back.

Russian (native), English, Polish

Can understand Ukrainian and Belarussian


I tried to learn chilean but it's impossible.

I speak Scots and soon to forget English (I will only speak 1 language).

Also used to learn French, but only by one year and forgot it. But still understand some words in songs.

Is there a songs in it?

I have never heard audio in Scots.

>tfw native and (understanding) English pleb
Learning other languages than English is hard. Other European languages are filled with stupid grammatical gender things and other Asian languages are filled with tonal bullshit written in something different than Latin.

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In order of fluency:
Μπορώ να μιλήσω Ελληνιkά
Ես խոսում եմ հայերեն
I can speak English
Ich kann Deutsch sprechen

Am I allowed in the cool kids club?

>Ein Grieche
Oh nein nein nein.

The Laura of Wet Blankets enters the thread.

Instead of participating in thread discussion, this Laura just wants to point out that you're currently at the edge of the board and about to die. =^_^=

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is laura anime?

No, she's from a webcomic called Twokinds. Although it is drawn in an anime style and takes many tropes from anime.

>Why yes, I do speak English, American and Australian

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pretty girl




And a little bit of

Yikes! I read that shit when I was like 12 or something and tried to get into it again 2 weeks ago but it was just too cringe

>New Zealander
>Costa Rican
>El Salvadoran
>Ecuatoria Guinean
am i an Jow Forumser yet


Google translate, I can speak any language in the world I am the Jow Forums god

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American engrish
Backwoods southern redneck
ebonics but only because I grew up in an area that is 80% niggers.

>and a bit of Italian

Based and türkicpilled