How do people cope with having small dicks in your country?

Mine is only 12 cm (4'7). I am too embarrassed to show it to anyone. I will die a virgin

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Nobody cares

Really? Maybe I should move to Mexico

When you've went to sauna with relatives, friends and strangers since childhood only fags give the subject any attention when you're grown up

Stop watching too much porn, in real life women aren't size queens.

I don't believe you

When people say they have sub-6 inchers I don't believe them
6 incher is in itself so tiny and I feel like my 6.75er is a micropenis

>tfw only 14 cm

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My dick is 18cm and no woman will ever see it

12 cm is little but nothing catastrophic, what reallt mmatter is the grith and being always hard, at that size you cant allow yourself to be soft. Prepared to eb socially shamed, women are nasty jew, they talked on men and their sexual competence, a guy who has a little dick and fuck a girl, most of the friend of the girl know and obody want you, but if you have big dick and the reputation...
you can become a trap, nordics ones are the best desu

Take photo in a right angle and put it in amateur porn site. There's change that a woman will see it.

Mine is 16cm, but I doubt anyone else but me will get enjoyment from it during this lifetime.

meant to write 17

That's not very small. Less than half an inch below average.

That seems like a healthier attitude to have. The body should be something to be ashamed of.

Finger/rub clit
Fuck girl
Finger/rub clit again
No need for a big dick, as long as you show the girl you care for her pleasure, you'll be better than lots of guys.
Girls having men throwing themselves at them to get a chance to fuck them doesn't mean they easily find good sex.

The average is 6 inches in Sweden and 5'5 worldwide

I thought it was about 5 inches and didn't vary much between nations or races

brazilian men usually try to compensate by becoming gymcels

I will personally rape every single dicket ITT.
I will masturbate your tiny dicks as I sodomize your asses. Your embarassment makes me harder.
My BIG dick will be filling your bellies and you'll beg me to stop making you feel so good but I wont and I will make you cum bad boy cummies all over yourselves.
Prepare your anuses.

Mine peepee is 21 cm and thick, unfortunately, I didn't have opportunity to show it to somebody except doctor.

Reminds me when I got a boner when the female schoolnurse touched my peepee.

Was she cute?

Did you make her solve the mess she made?
You weren't a cuck, right?

>t. Elliot Rodger

She was cute, but I was like 8 or 9. I didn't even know why I got a boner.
I guess it was an awkward situation for her and my mom so she told me that i should take a hot bath for the boner to go away.
Every time my mother denied me a hot bath I told her that the doctor said that I had to.

Mine is 16 and I feel very insecure about it

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Girls are reading your posts and laughing at you!

Real life =! porn

Also people lie about their size, my dicc is 14cm and I couldn't care less, even though I'm a virgin. I believe it's enough to give pleasure to a lady.

That 1cm matters a lot AMIRITE

>I believe it's enough to give pleasure to a lady.
Sure thing if it's thick enough. I have a 18 cm long penis but thin and no woman has ever (n=1) has got orgasm in intercourse.

Dis 2bh lol I didn't know guys are very insecure about dick size. I like making jokes about dicks with my friends but as much as possible I try not to make dick jokes when I'm with a guy specially if I haven't seen their dick. It might be a sensitive topic lol

>12 cm (4'7)
I thought 12cm was like 4 inch tops. Just realized I have a 5'5 dick, that's way better than I thought. Could probably go above 6 if I lost weight.

Guns police and other bully areas

nervousyly laughing, because they are trying to figure out the math of fitting my BIG dick inside their tight pussies and women suck at math and my cock is BIG.

Im 14cm and Ive been called a dicklet but the thing is no one can unfuck her

>It's the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat

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Why do people compare themselves to pornstars?
Regular penises aren't that big.

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you really expect me to believe the global average benis is only 14cm long?

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Yeah why?
Normal penises aren't pornstar size.

I have a 14cm

imagine memeing yourself into thinking this

the average penis is the same length as an iphone x? yeah ok buddy

Are you Asian?

All the dicklets are invited to come and breed with Korean women.

i thought 6 inches was average wtf dont ruin me bro

Why is USA average so small considering they have far more niggers than asians?

I've seen a fair amount of dicks in person actually

They cut off part of their dicks are birth which reduces the size

This is probably self-reported.

Keep in mind Asians are overpopulated as fuck.

this got me hard uwu

I'm over 7 inches but thought my bird was small for the longest time, stop watching porn.

What kind of porn did you watch that made you think 7 inches is small wtf

i'm a 189cm Jow Forums 84kg BVLL, i'd literally break your tiny twink arms while making you bend over to show who's the real TOP here

hookers don't care

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Sauna or Banya is taboo for me

BBC pov

It's illegal