the french gf edition

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need a french gf lads

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Double rainbow double rainbow all across the sky


Lost interest

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84 men a week in the UK die by suicide.

That’s 12 per day.

One man every 2 hours.

Stop telling men they aren’t allowed to cry or that it make them “ less of a man”

Fellas I want you to know that it’s ok to talk about your mental health.

fuck off yellow fever incel

my best year? 2013

if people in this country dont believe your crackpot theories then chances are they will in america, sargon, andrew wakefield and are tommeh all come to mind

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>yellow fever
she's clearly french mate

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think its time for the wank toil

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looks like the sort of lunatic who will chop my cock off after shagging
still tempted

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need to find a peng breakfast in central London

she cute

>mental health

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what’s fucking wrong with people


One of my worst, but only because the late 2012 was arguably one of my peaks

/brit/ is mark but wishes he was jeremy

oxford is jeremy

Housemate just noticed me looking through my keyhole into the hallway ffs I was checking to see if the bathroom door was open and hence unoccupied she just froze up then turned around back down the stairs

/brit/ is Gerrard


wank goblin cumbrains need to be purged


ain't no fucking joke you sick bastards

I'm the Rachel Khoo of /brit/

me? daryl

you should have chased after her

how big is your keyhole

so glad my housmates are all blokes desu

Mboko on the ropes

No way out of that one
Either she continues to think you’re a pervert or she thinks you’re a turbo autist

mboko on the nropos

bet your keyholes massive once your housemates have had a go on you

one of the ones with the old style keys so quite big and theres light shining thru it so must have seen my eyeball at about head height with her coming up the stairs

Listened to that Lana Del Rey album and it was steaming shit

you gonna tell me to man up? because i HATE that phrase

After seeing the Tim last the last couple of days. You're right t b h. I just like to be contrary

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sometimes i brap
sometimes i fap


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imagine how many /brit/ posters have sudoku’d without us ever having any way of knowing

moment of silence


not a single person on this board would go through with it

september will be kind. september will be magical. september will bring the missing energy. september will be working towards our goals and self. september will be a month full of growth.

daily mail readers always say the queen never smiles are they daft did you see her reaction when there was cows on parade or something she got well excited

about to paint the wall
with my brains haha
joking with some paint
joking im a renter
or am i haha


no it won't
it's going to be fucking crap

it will be with that attitude

I’m so fucking lonely
I just want a cute thicc twink bf who will cuddle with me and watch cartoons

Signlet cope. It's virgo libra season baby we winning out here

niggy! wiggy! niggy, wiggy, diggy, jiggy!
*the lads start playing a blues number*

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>1st september 2019
>year is 2/3 over

when the year started i had genuine optomism this'd be the year things would change, i'd get in shape, lose my virginity and find a decent job. instead here we are and i'm still an unemployed virgin loser. i wish i was capable of change

That’s on mento illness luv xx

you lads ever just get in that mood where all you want to do is shag some slags fanny to bits? cant focus today all i want to do is shag i feel like some fucking primal freak ooga booga give fanny

minuscule brain

yeah feel like that right now
Had a wank bit hasn’t helped

alri tim? don't go posting nudes on twitter again x

Bit gay init

Women only want to destroy your life, exploit you and make you miserable. They can't love you sincerely. They'll drain you and throw you away to find another victim. Women are parasites, vermins.

mfw they give corbyn the keys to #10

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like attracts like

that was worth posting

doritio dust covered fingers poked out this post

what IS worth posting

Cope on I'll be spreading positive energy and fit legs meanwhile you'll be spreading cheese
Not fond of mushrooms either personally the texture is all wrong

Is that bo selecta?

I have the runs.

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It's definitely getting colder now though, was freezing this morning

Am on holiday lads wahey

lol how did u manage to make it to september befre you realised it will be the same as every year

have sex

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me? i go on holiday to post on brit

i post on brit to go on holiday

Take a roman holiday

>south east asia

rome wasnt built in a day lad

desperately need maccies to do all day breakfast

moving to SEA after christmas lads i’ve decided has enough of this nonsense

at the gym

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Alri blackbeard

With that bird Aya?


and what exactly is wrong with this?

im so shit in bed i actually avoid sex cos of it lmao imagine

These have to be fake now though right? For the clicks

you in china or japan lad?

>tfw you will never explore and conquer the unknown world shagging all kinds of native birds like a 19th century nobleman

Not one of those shaggers lol, I'm going to take a boat up the Mekong and pretend I'm in apocalypse now


me whenever i go outside

Csnt even remember how many times I've had sex

I unironically wish I could visit colonial era India

me dancing lads

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