high wyc edition

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High wyc?
Your country is today a depressing shithole filled with pakis and africans and lgbt.
Shame on you british homos.




when did tim start getting his todger out? he's really gone off the deep end

Any southern bros here? Posting from Northeast Hampshire

have sex

need a shitty background noise show while I read

morning bender

post fucking machines

>talking back to your masters

Legit just fuck off mate, no one takes your opinion seriously, and I cannot begin to tell you how misinformed you are

On this day in British History

>1532 – Lady Anne Boleyn is made Marquess of Pembroke by her fiancé, King Henry VIII of England.
>1644 – Battle of Tippermuir: James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose defeats the Earl of Wemyss's Covenanters, reviving the Royalist cause.
>1880 – The army of Mohammad Ayub Khan is routed by the British at the Battle of Kandahar, ending the Second Anglo-Afghan War.
>1914 – World War I: A cavalry brigade from the retreating British Army fought a skirmish against an opposing German cavalry brigade twice their size, during the Great Retreat from Mons. The British artillery was mostly put out of action in the first few minutes, but a single gun successfully kept up a steady fire for two and a half hours against a full German battery until British reinforcements arrived. Three men of the artillery unit were awarded the Victoria Cross for their part in the battle
>1920 – The Fountain of Time opens as a tribute to the 100 years of peace between the United States and Great Britain following the Treaty of Ghent.
>1939 – World War II: Nazi Germany and Slovakia invade Poland, beginning the European phase of World War II. Two days later, on 3 September, after a British ultimatum to Germany to cease military operations was ignored, Britain and France declared war on Germany. Britain's declaration of war automatically committed India, the Crown colonies, and the protectorates.

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can you not

yeah yeah don't care

barebacked for the first time last night



Your country is filled with Jews lad, would be a bit concerned about that myself

how's your arse holding up?

almost cried when jokerd got the world first

Coming to the realization that the only way im going to have sex again is if i pay for it.


Absolutely fuming. Was in such a good mood this morning so I donated Asmongold £150 but he flat out ignored it and only until an hour later he notices it and then misspronounces my username.
Tried to get a refund but he doesn't accept them.


>barebacked for the first time last night

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Went 7 years without mate.

I think that technically makes you a virgin again.

How did you manage that lad?

yeah from mid sussex

me? I’m a midlander

a lot of isolation and a lot of vodka

Same almost happened to be but I donated £50 after to get his attention.

Surely you can get sex again if you kick that into touch lad, be better for your health as well

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I wasn’t penetrated

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middylander more like it

don't care


Why would anyone donate to streamers, honest to god cannot wrap my head around it

Also a complete sperg around women. I'll try though, I mean you've got to, haven't you?

>tehe i do drugs btw >:)

howve you been then
are you well

the guy on telly said MY name

Have donated over 5 figures to amouranth, she knows who I am so I feel like supporting her, she shook my hand at a con once

They crave the 2 second dopamine hit when the streamer reads their name

because they're important influencers

why do people give money to the homeless? same sort of pity reflex i think

Yeah, sadly we are all a slave to vaginaberg


cannot imagine any decently formed human listening to ASMR

Nice, I remember visiting Brighton once or twice

Hate going to pick up and the guy has a kid sat there, makes me feel bad for them

17 hours since tim's last vid
did the rozzers get him?

at a bit of a loose end lads
any suggestions on what to do

Reckon aquaman was only popular because the actors fit

How do I stop my suicidal sister from killing herself? Been mulling it over for a while and still haven't come up with a suitable solution, I'm in quite the pickle desu

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shag her

cannot imagine any decently formed human being not listening to ASMR

sold a girl a bag of coke last night, 2 minutes later her and all her mates were saying I ripped her off or some shite. Told them if they didn't like it ring the cops and complain and then walked out of the bar and quickly got a taxi home
was acting hard in front of them but then just ran off 2 secs later lmao

shag her

find it very bizarre how popular it’s become, some bint breathing and whispering into a mic sounds annoying as fuck

went to sixth form in brighton
great place
full of hippies though

She can't kill herself if you kill her first

let her
it's not your responsibility

NEED to go big game hunting, fuck soyboy conservationists

citizens arrest for being a woman


write her a concept album

It might be safe to say it's the San Francisco of England

just went through tower hamlets shouting NIGGER

*denounces you*

Mentally ill

no you didnt
be quiet

when would it be unsafe to say you FUCKING BELLEND

just heard someone shouting racial slurs outside my window

t. ngubu saying hello to his friends

Which nazi should I read about?

Just done Adolf Eichmann.

tommy robinson

follow your leader fucking fascist scum

this is mental illness but me wanting to chop my dick off and being called a female name is perfectly fine

Donald Trump

the fat one

maybe you should just have sex instead

they both sound pretty mental, not gonna lie

You done Boremann yet lad?

being wh*te is a mental illness, you should all be tortured and raped to death

tried reading that but i got pretty bored man

No lad, but I'll get on it this instant cheers.

hello steinberg

everyone get on discord moni just sent me the craziest dm


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imagine kissing your gf knowing her lips have been wrapped around another lads bellend


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Sorry hun I only use teamspeak x

no I won't because I'm not a homosexual like you

perhaps he just has an interest in history mate

anyone who has ever typed the hard r n word should be immediately executed without trial nor remorse