Tfw no psychopatic rebel Kuwaiti gf

>tfw no psychopatic rebel Kuwaiti gf
life isn't fair, guys

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Wtf she looks like alien

Don't you dare talk about her like that, she's a goddess

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Italians just aren't used to seeing humans very often

who is she

wait till you see what real kuwaitis look like

>he doesn't like 400lb women
what are you gay or something

>who is she
My new waifu

I know she's above average even in there

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is her face a 'work of art' (ie plastic sculputre) or real?
i commend for her not going for whorebrows though.

wow you can even see the towelhead in the back who takes a dump on her chest and small little tits every night

The only people having shit on their chest in Kuwait are the millions of indians working there, POOjeet.
Your mum is wiping some 90 year old kuwaiti ass as we speak

Apart from converting to Islam, how to get an Arab qt3.14?

Not African Arab, but Middle East Arab like pic related

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Is she some half Arab because her father got some foreign woman as one of his wives or something?

no more brother wars romani

>no hips

Shit taste OP

holy kek

>France flag
>asking how to get middle-eastern qts to fuck
1 Be french white boi
2 Step outside
3 Get a job at a restaurant/museum/popular location with female tourists (best is waiter job)
4,Groom yourself (haircut, beard, brows) lift a bit, smell good,
5 ????????????
6 Congrats, colonize them

I personally recommend eyeing the iranian girls, they're VERY hot, they've this specific strong ethnic pedigree, they're very pale, but exotic at the same time, thicc too. They also wear very strong perfumes.

I like them elegant and tight, it makes it easier for my average peepee

t. pajeets thinking they cool n shieet

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haven't heard that one before since usually women like, you know, money

B-but I'm doing engineering and I don't like to serve people, that job is for Romanians and students

>he thinks waiters are poor
lel, we don't pay taxes on our tips nigga
But should you go to Athens, visit Monastiraki square, sit down in a restaraunt and you will notice groups of finnish, german, british girls hitting on the 40 year old greek waiter.
Well then, students and romanians will have sex, good luck getting a job in engineering.

her nose is fake, surgery. they are high maintenance and turn to witch by age 30.

easiest way to get laid a lot is working in a med touristic town as barman, entertainer or something. there are guys who fuck 200 girls a season in antalya.

Damn i want one too so bad


c-cute eyebrows



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>bug eyes
disgusting abomination like the rest of all of the arabs. Why did I have to be born an arab. At least my eyes are hooded but they are still big. fuck my life.

The fuck is wrong with her face

I hate her eyes because they remind me of my own eyes

100% plastic surgery. Since when did Kuwaiti women look like that. Have you seen her nordic pig nose lmao