Your country what would you do?

Your country what would you do?

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>"Lose some weight you nigger cow"

Tell her to get the fuck out my country. I don't advocate for white genocide.

>y-you too...

Fuck the shit out of her. And smell and eat her brapper as if i am an animal

I'd breed her and accept being branded as a race traitor.
After I've done breeding her for 3-4 years, I will marry myself a proper woman.



I would become her slave

>Telling french people to get out of France
Why are frogs like this?

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Please do not lose weigh

Spread your legs ever so wide and show me that moist hole of yours my sweet negro lassie

she's part african part danish btw. and she's gay

Put her in a headlock and give her a nudgie

>and she's gay


My GF has similar hair.

Not really into black girls, but you'd have to be a fag not to hit the chick in the OP.

I would volunteer to human centipede with her

Do nothing

I'd ravage her ass and politely invite her to sit on my face until one of her legs goes numb because i suckled all her nutrients

calm down David Pakman

Insert bepis


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