Why are you still virgins? Just come to Cologne or Frankfurt and bring 50€...

Why are you still virgins? Just come to Cologne or Frankfurt and bring 50€. I will take you to a place where there are 100 different hot young women in a room from all different countries and you just choose one to fuck.

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For males, losing virginity is not about puting your dick into vagina.

what nationalities are there lots of?

w-what it isn't? am i a virgin again?

Post pics

you only lose your virginity when you have sex without a condom, unironically

It's illegal

That is virgin type thinking. The process of getting laid is exactly the same. Like the difference of growing vegetables in your garden and waiting months for 1 tomatoe to grow, or just buying it in the supermarket.

you won't lose virginity if you fuck a prostitute

The more, dare i say it, essetial part of losing virginity is seducing some girl into having sex with you.
Ok-ok, you can hire a hooker for your first time ever, but then, what will you do the second time? Pay for sex once again?
You see? Yeah, you lost your virginity, but you never learned how to pick up chicks.
And any ugly-ass mouthbreather could buy himself a pass into "man" world, but it takes some courage and creativity to lure "that one chick from the bar " into bed.

Having had sex will help them being less nervous. Whores are a good idea if you're a virgin. And the same can happen with a normal girl. I've had 3 gfs but know nothing about hitting on girls they always did the first move

What is virginity then, it's literally in your head


t. not a virgin

seducing her, meaning spending money on good clothes, food, cinema or where ever you take her is no different from paying a prostitute, except that you maybe plan to live together
a prostitute is just more honest about it

There's no intimacy and affection, it's totally different

>muh intimacy and affection

do they end the session when you cum or do they end the session after an agreed upon time frame?

huh? i never used condom. am i chad?

Shut up, don't help the spreading of unhealthy practices

that isn't there with modern women either

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it's not a meme though, i've done both normal girls and a prostitute, it doesn't feel the same at all

hooker banger. i accuse you

It depends there are good and bad whores in my experience

>seducing her, meaning spending money on good clothes...
Having legit sex requires you to be a functioning member of society. Who could've thought?

Can I pay a cute hooker to just hug me and cuddle or would that be weird

Having to spend lots of money in a girl to seduce her is pathetic. I went on walks, hikes and house parties with my now gf to seduce her. Buying affection only leads to a sad sad life down the line.

Would be sad. But many offer "girlfriend experience" so maybe it's not so weird

>literally paying a girl that had 5 sandniggers and 7 old men in her just yesterday

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>girlfriend experience
I feel like this would be very uncomfortable for me desu

because you can not express love

what an awful thread this is
whats your point?

of course you need overpriced brand clothes, some fancy car and other useless stuff to be a functioning member of society

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>lure "that one chick from the bar " into bed.
Yeah no thats for riffraffs

what the actual fuck is wrong with you?

we're russians

Buying sex from hookers is really cringe

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How can I learn to express love

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i thought about it. i almost never saw my mom when i was a kid, she was always working and i stayed home alone. maybe there's no chance for my generation to love and be loved, we were never taught to do it

the russian is correct
i had sex when drunk with a drunk girl, whichc didn't want to see me again
my first and only time
i learned nothing from it
i even barely remember it
ergo, I am still a virgo