Honestly l like this MEDITERRANEAN BVLL

honestly l like this MEDITERRANEAN BVLL

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he was Germanic

>ayo hol up we wuz meds n shiet

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They call meds white when it benefits them and they call them arab rape babies when it doesn't, nothing new


ancient meds were white (fenno ugrians)

all achievements of meds were made during that time.

Then 200 years ago araps invaded and now we are dumb shitskinned mongrels

Wish we could turn back time
To the good old days

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when we wuz huwhite ... :'(


we were never wh*te, snownigger

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Based brother

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I heard varg recently turned into a white nationalist instead of just a Nordicist and even defends America now. He still hates med has always it seems.

meds are nonwhites and therefore do not belong in europe

Americans are nonwhites and therefore do not belong in europe

Why do memes have these dumb captions below now?

I'm not in europe dumbass fucking moortugal

I'm not in america therefore american opinions don't matter dumbass fucking mutt.USA

moortuguese opinions are among the lowest value on earth