>When I say FEAST you say ABANDON DHIRIM

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Good job, OP. I will bump for you.

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thanks mate

gas the rhodoks

For me it's Rhodoks

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>Why yes my army solely consists of disposable Rhodok Crossbowmen always placed on a hill and upgraded from villagers that I've only just recruited in mass.

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I love how no one thinks of the vaegyrs at all and that they whole meme is them being irrelevant.

>0. Everyone
>F3 Charge
horseesses heh

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>not joining the Imperial mafia

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>thats a nice head on your shoulders

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Southern Empire best empire
deal with it Senate incels

>Ugh! Sorry king Charlaus, but painting this map is more important than getting one relationship points with irrelevant lords

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imagine being a vagina slave

>fuck you guys i'm taking this city on my own
>King gives it to some useless piece of shit

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roger that

>hurr durr we should like have the army pick our leaders, surely this won't cause a civil war every time the emperor dies
>hurr durr the Senate of land owners should have all the power in choosing the imperial successor, surely this won't cause the emperor to be just a weak puppet as the imperial lords tear eachother appart

>Archers placed on higher ground
>Infantry charge
>Cavalry follow me
>Wait for infantry attac
>Lead cavalry behind enemy lines and charge the back of their formation
Why yes, I do consider myself a masterful combined arms strategist, how could you tell?

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only if I can breed the daughter though

Are these kind of mini factions ?

Is the ai retarded

>Why yes, I'm from Zendar, how did you know?

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Vagina have the best archers, the Nord Infantry and Swadia Cavalry form the best troop triangle

your basedness knows no bounds


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Nah mate, I'm not into having cavalry in my army, they are stealing my kills

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>best archers


Vanilla Warband is unironically the most comfy game in existence

I use dickplomacy, but yes.

Bannerlord... WHEN?!?!

March 2020 (Early Access)

>Why yes, I do win siege battles in which I'm hopelessly outnumbered by planting myself on top of the castle wall and safely hacking away at the people moving up the siege ladder. How could you tell?

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remember when /mbg/ thought that bannerlord would come in 2016? that was fun

crosses for snake cultists

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those are the clans, kind of sub-factions


for me, it's the Rhodoks

Three Kingdoms mod FUCKING WHEN

and NOT that 108 Heroes trash

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Why yes, I did drive out barbarian demonic sub-factions and unite the kingdoms of Pendor under one banner, how could you tell?

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fucking this

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Gigachad would charge with his cav while waiting for the inf to arrive...