Why don't you dress like this?

Why don't you dress like this?

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because i'm not a gay 16 year old zoomer

Because I'm not an emo fag that pretends to be depressed

why does the guy to the left hoist his pants up like a 90-y.o.?

Because I have a good taste.

I'm not a faggot

I'm not a /fa/g

Because I dress like this instead

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I'm not korean

I’m poor

i'm not a homosexual


Because sweatpants and a hoddie is autistic enough for me

i dress like this

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Because I don't live in H*lsinki

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Because I actually have a sense of fashion.
Pic related

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Because I'm always jumping between airports and that chain would make me waste too much time

What purpose does the chain serve?

Where's the BBC???

lol what a fucking faggot

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Every link in the chain is one "muh lady" he's saved from oppression

this without the cargo shorts is actually based

as if i give a shit for youre approval

I'm fat, so I only wear baggy clothes that conceal my morbid form. Wish climate change was more like in Battlefield 2142 where everything froze over instead of this hot and humid shit.

Because I wish to revive the Ethiopian Empire

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he's flaccid. does your dick look like a floppy ragpole all the time?

Because I have good taste.

I wish I could pull off that eboy look, but my face is just too hairy for that

I actually am a so called "shower" yes. I'm literally around 10 cm flaccid that grows to 16 cm when erect.

i dress like this.

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i wish i was shower too. i need to get it hard every time i send nudes to a tinderthot.


why did God give me an 8in thick cock if I already show symptoms of erectile dysfunction

I'm too stingy and don't care enough to buy fancy clothes
I have a few poloshirts and synthetic leather shoes, that looks decent enough when combined with a jeans (that isn't ripped apart)

Torn jeans are honestly one of the stupidest normie memes. What does it even mean? Especially when it's factory torn? You're not a rebel, you're not a blue collar worker, you're just a pretentious faggot.

I would break out in laughter if i saw this in rl

/fa/ is a meme board

its hot in my country. thats why

why dress at all?

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This is how I dress

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I do dress like this lol. minus the chain & the vans

Why is /fa/ such a fucking tragedy?

I dress like this

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Zoomers unironically dress like this

this looks like the streets of hongdae

because Vans shoes are for faggots