I'm addicted to drugs and alcohol

I'm addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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based and yeastpilled

its never time to give up,you can turn ir around user

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Me too

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Hey OP, looks like you're having some difficulty keeping your thread up. Let me lend you a helping hand.

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Atleast you have a 3.0 GPA and live in Canada

Just say no, retard.

I am addicted to alcohol but only do drugs in moderation because I am responsible

Same but I don't see it as a problem

Does this mean posting furries in Jow Forums won't piss people off now?

I'm addicted to getting attention

here you go mate

Which drugs?

How do you get "addicted" to drugs and alcohol lmao just stop using them retard

Thanks. But then I also get addicted to the person who makes me feel loved and needed.

maybe I could make you feel loved and needed tonight


im a girl btw

Well I've been feeling a bit lonely again lately, so that'd be great thanks

Wew me too....

Start waking up at 4AM. You'll, be in bed around 8PM, so you won't have time to do drugs at night.

oh nice I'm not really a girl

Cocaine, speed, benzos, marijuana

You were memeing ok gotcha

>its never time to give up,you can turn ir around user

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Can someone explain me why is there such a prominent fashion of being a junkie in Anglo countries?

>Cocaine, speed, benzos, marijuana
shit tier

Cocaine is nice, but benzos are a waste of money.
Bad role models

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We have them too over here. But drug problem is like 10000x higher and it's the most visible in Anglo countries. Just enter the english speaking area of Canada and you're surrounded by junkies, same in UK, Ireland, Australia, US.

Why isn't it discussed?

Why wouldnt you be