What is the european equivalent of "be american, get shot"?

What is the european equivalent of "be american, get shot"?
Be european, get stabbed?

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Acid attack or truck attack

That only applies to brits.

>be european
>gets overtaxed

I don't think there's a specific type of violent behaviour/violent event that happens in europe with comparable frequency as school shootings/mass shootings/just shootings in the US

Honestly that was just 2016

>be european
>get hot
fuck you carbon, it used to be comfy around here

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get enriched

There really isn't one for all of europe
>inb4 terrorism
this isn't 2017 anymore

>Acid attack
only in britain so far

Be european, be superior.

>be evropean
>be beautiful, intelligent, rich, nihilistic with a wicked sense of humour

What's this dog expressing with that face?

>be unamerican
>don't get shot

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What are acid attacks?

it's british slang, you wouldn't understand


>be european
>gets overtaxed

Britbong thing.

>be european
>get bl.ck.d


Never heard of one outside of the UK