Why do Americans do this?

Why do Americans do this?

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why are amerigamers so fkking BASED?

life is emptiness. We try to fill that hole with something, anything!

We have no real wars to fight, no mountains to climb, no future to strive for.

So when you find someone just as pathetic and autistic to paint your face green and freak out the normies with your funny ironic memes, you do it!

Because without that, today will just become tomorrow, and tomorrow is just one more day till the end.

I think it was an actual sperg meetup celebrating Trump and some gay has-been on a float.

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absoluete cringe,jesus christ i'd cringe hard if i saw that IRL
fucking neckbeards unironcally taking memes as real

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>le clownworld irl

shit nigger what the FUCK are you doing?

Ajme... Isuse Kriste... Sveta Marijo... Američki goblini...

Infamous scandal bitch Zoe Quinn drove a game developer into suicide. That has apparently caused a lot of outrage in the gaming community.


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I'm baffled.


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who cares about some devcel

do they really?

Almost feel bad for them because these pictures will circulate for a while reminding everyone and themselves of how retarded they are.

Apparently, they do.

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Okay, I'll bite. What "normalcy" are they advocating for anyway? Why would they? They aren't normal people, they're neckbeards.

>"straight" pride parade and not a single girlfriend in sight.

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It is from a straight pride parade, so you can assume what "normalcy" they're advocating for.

These guys are from Jow Forums, so it should be obvious.
And I would agree that the world is completely upside-down and crazy, so they are half-right, but these guys are hardly the "normalcy" I would desire.

Imagine having a son and they grow up to be like this

I wouldn't say it's all that crazy. Pretty sure history has shown crazier shit like WWI or that ancient chinese rebellion that got hundreds of millions killed.

we truly r living in le clown world :)

women have rights lole what a le clown world :p

Shouldn't Kek be a tranny pride icon since it's a tranny god from Egypt?

Milo was there to give a speech

Can't make this shit up.

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That's very ironic for him to show up at a straight pride parade. I'm guessing the whole point of the parade was to just troll people then right?

The point is they want to say they hate niggers but don't have the balls

why did allah, with all his eternal wisdom, create the whitoid like this?

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But Milo loves them.

Well good luck to them I guess. I'm just more baffled than anything else. If you're having a STRAIGHT pride parade then why the fuck would you invite the gayest motherfucker to be the guest speaker of said event? In my mind it just says they're doing it to soley troll people, why or what it'll achieve I'm not sure but these people can't be that dense.

Since Milo is a retard who believes that 13 years olds having sex with adults is completely normal and isn't paedophilia, maybe those people just invited him there to give his opinions on the topic of muh "Hebephiles are not Pedophiles".


americans give me white shame

damn, you might be on to something here

He is a gay ally.

pre-2008 world

what happened in 2008?
the recession? Cause we're on the brink of another recession so in a way we're back to pre-2008 conditions

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iPhone, social media starting to become popular

obama, tho the sjw agendas didn't get big until 2011-12

didn't obama achieve absolutely nothing while in office
what is this sjw-agenda you're talking about?

Gay marriage is LITERALLY white genocide

Cuck, this is based.

Because He didn't. That was Yakub's own doing.

>there is a rape epidemic
Are we gonna play Alzheimer now? his administration and mass media endorsed the whole wave of correctness and moral virtue and gave it force to suppress dissidence, also paired with , the social moral changed drastically in a blink
Just imagine Bush in 2006 proposing gender transition for effeminate boys, it would be madness. Years later you are a nazi for opposing it.

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because society
we live in it


LMAO, just when you thought Jow Forumstards couldn't be any stupider.

*Why do wh*Te Americans do this?
I wish I knew lads

How can I take them seriously dressing like that?

Why do Americans have to turn everything into cringe?