Why is italy so great?

why is italy so great?

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it's not. it's a glorified shithole filled with immigrants from all over the world

noi votiamo pd

Because a bunch of italian wh*teoids live there

Italy is shit country desu.

Italy can suck my dick. Pasta looking ass people.

Perché ora il PD è al governo.

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Stfu Chianti vine at least we have better salaries

is itallain pizza as great as the rep it holds?


All those high carb foods are gay

Italy is Albania's cumdump.

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I'm part Corsican, am I an Italian BVLL?

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not really

italy? more like THICKtaly

her feet stink

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Shitaly is shit because it's full of Shitalians

whoever did this to her must face the ultimate punishment

t. paki