If u are over 6 foot come to america

if u are over 6 foot come to america
they all are whores for tall boys

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Do americans really?

heightism regularly gets 100k+ likes on twitter

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seriously its free pucci

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god i wish i was in usa. i'd tell them what they deserve.
t. 6 foot 3 buff beta male

come to america and breed our women pls

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I'm over 6 feet 1 inch and muscular but I have an ugly finnish face with a weak jawline and I'm bald.

I'm 6'3'' but I have a scandi face plus a desire to be the "passive" one.

americans are so fucking weird man

just come here
u get pussi

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Norwegian girls om average hates short men but shortmen country anons still worship norwegian girls

how does this picture work?
isn't being queer considered good, even preferable in the us?

what bothers me the most about this picture is the infinite jest in her hands. it was supposed to be our book, not yours you thot

It's funny. I'm 6'0 and I've always hated heightism.

How tall is 6 feet in real units? I'm 1m88, is that above it?

Girls that feel the urge to express their disdain for short guys are always the shallowest and also the ones who will always complain about
>tfw no love :(

yeah, that's 6 feet 2 inches and 1 toenail

6 feet is about 182cm I think

i'm 6'2 and never received f*male attention

it's probably about the face

1m82 is manlet tier though, average dude between 18 and 25 is 1m85 AT LEAST

>average dude between 18 and 25 is 1m85 AT LEAST
Unless you're Flemish that's bs and you know it.

Can't be that bad brah, have you tried taking care a little bit more of your looks? Maybe you're not confident and it shows.

In Italy we say "Altezza mezza bellezza" (height is half-beauty)


they r cruel

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he's french, he's probably bantu

>be me
>5'9'' manlet
>last year went to USA for vacation
>got laid at party

We are finding out now that it is actually all about the skull, this is according to new research from Jow Forums

>OMG i love tall men so much but for some reason when ever they see my black son they dont reply to mee anymore this is all your fault manlet

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They tend to be pretty horrible, but it's only due to the encouragement they receive from the manlier males.

if a man did anything close to this on twitter he would be doxxed and harrased

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how can u be 6'2 and a virgin in first world countries? you probably have to be a virgin NEET who never gets out of home

5'8 is pretty generous at least

it's a bit different when you give women human rights user

that's why u are a faggot

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6'4 and virgin
Should I move to first world country

Remember that this is 6 feet in American girl (they are womanlets) inches. So about ~5'10 in reality.

Absolutely, and it would be other males doing the doxxing.


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>tfw 6'2" but ugly face

how? just get out of ur home or make a tinder account
also workout,fat 6'4 or extremely skinny looks bad if ur tall

butifol Aisha

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This is fake though, im 6'4 and still kissless handholdless virgin here. Im built like a dwarf though

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If you are under 6' just come to the thirld world

Ive never seen a 1,75cm getting rejected for being small

Here women are less explicit about it. They just write how tall they're in their bio so you know that if you're taller you can hit on them

fuck and dump. the only way for these heightism
femoids deserves. I mean, if you want to breed them for your spawn, breed actual tall women.

Reminder that all simps that encourage this sort of behaviour need to be executed

It would be women and some white knight betas

They do that over here too. Most are taller than me.

Women are stupid as fuck. I'm not getting with a short girl if chances are my son will be born a Manlet now. If I'm 6'0, I'm going 2 inches lower, max.

Ehh that's ok I think. Everyone knows that tall men are objectively more desirable.

By what I've witnessed, it's mostly men. Women don't really tend to initiate anything.

women- men need to be in the top 5 % of genetic potential for me to date them

also women-

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Sorry I only like them 7ft or taller.
No 6ft short fags.

There'll always be people more desirable. Girls with big tits are also more desirable but its not so important after all

>tfw i'm even below average in height in my country
guess i'm a genetic failure

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Oh no no no no

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Yes, as long as people are not assholes about it it's ok.

Its 183cm
182cm is 5'11.65 they can call themselves 6'0 if they round up
Im 180cm which is 5'10.87
I just say im 5'11
My heights never been a problem for me, or a bonus

>imperial is more intuitive and better fitting for the human form

There's going to be a spike of suicides later this year. Maybe November.

there already is

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A always read about this 6 feet shit, but 6 feet is barely taller than I am. And I feel like a midget because 9 out of 10 men are taller than me and about half of all women.

So the whores are being really generous.

I've seen this tweet, later she has a moral dilemma of having a crush on this manlet

It's never good looking women or those with desireable personalities who say this shit.

It's always some dumpy fat bitch or a mediocre looking girl mentally stuck at 15.

6 feet is a meme a 5'10 guy with a 5 inch cock can say he is 6 foot with a 7 inch dick and 90% of women will beleive him and never realize he lied even if they have sex
IRL most guys in this country try to exaggerate their height and even more so their dick length
80% of guys will tell you their dick is 7 inches or longer when massive world wide studies have shown only 5% of guys are and the average is 5.5 inches
So when i tell a girl the truth that im 5'11 with a 6 inch dick they are unimpressed until they see me and realize im taller and my dick is bigger then they thought
They cant mentally measure and all the lies have left them confused
5'7 guys i know still get plenty of poon
What women want is a meme

It’s litwrally the same in Canada don’t even try to deny it. Nobody’s wants a 5’9 man here


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There are bitches who have a thing for lanklets ans ogres, you can't lose if you're tall

Yes helo I want a gf that iis over 180cm and also will hug mme aand bite mmy ear and nneck


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Height didn't matter much before, when each woman had to pick a man to spend her life with. Manlets should rise up against the current matriarchal system

>Twitter for Iphone
you cant make this shit up

tinder ruined everything

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Fucking beta shit

God tier post, but what the fuck is that username lmao

Got mired by two American girls last year. Secretly heard them looking at me and saying "he must be at least 6ft". They were impressed there was many tall guys in Lithuania.

In reality girls just want you to be taller than them, a large cock is more desirable then being 6'4 in my experience.

Because nobody really cares about height this much here. You need to have pretty face and a lot of money

Is 16 cm small?

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Girls wont know the diffrence if you say 19 or 16, don't worry about it Ivan. 16 is still above average.

only show's the shallowness of women. a man can see through looks when he so desires, but the eternal roastie only has superficial vision. tis' why I prefer the company of men

Generally not, but once a girl told me my dick was small, it's 19cm

Reminder if you have a big dick height doesn’t matter

>Women on dating sites say you're 5'? You should kill yourself!
>Who said that nobody said that
>Women say that on dating sites

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Said that to a picture or in person?


They do

Reminder than an American 6’1 is a European 5’10 wearing shoes

fucking fag. just stop watching barbie girls on the internet. not all girls are typical shallow. atleast you may think so because you keep reading this on the internet but its not true if so.
either way women will come back when they get older and settle down.

I hate when continentals use metric for height/weight

How can you envision 16 cm in your head. When some says 6 inches I can understand it. Same with 183 cm instead of 6 foot

Why 6 feet? That's not even that tall? I'm 184cm and I'm a little above average with the new lads here. (older people are manlets)

Why not money or status or face? Why 6 feet exactly??

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because below 6 feet you look like a kid

>the year is 2040
>the manlet act of 2038 has made the act of being a male under 6 feet illegal with the penalty of being exiled to the manlet pit
>police are constantly on the look out for platform shoes and stilts

how much worse would life be for you?

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it's over

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>over 6ft tall
>masters degree in engineering
>good hairline and jawline
>green eyes
>no glasses
>basically got everything going for me and if "redpilled incels" on the internet were right, i would be Chad
>still virgin at 27yo
>even used tinder gold and got plenty of matches but no dates
>even learned PUA techniqes and went daygaming, chatting with girls in the city, none gave me a chance

explain this, fellow incels, ill wait

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>basically got everything going for me

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Lmao her face is so fucked without make up

look at that philtrum and lip size. Her nose is really fucking round and her skin tone is probably fucked

Don't even get me started on her eye area

pls no bully

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