Go to bookstore (in japan)

>go to bookstore (in japan)
>buy like ten volumes of a manga about lesbian little girls
>cute cashier is just expressionless
>walk out looking sus as fuck, constantly checking the bag, awkwardly positioning it
>go to mc donalds to charge phone
>Think to myself how idiotic it would be if the bag spilled onto the floor
>check my feet
>little girl manga spread out on the floor
>pretty sure an entire japanese family behind me saw
>couple cute girls also saw

So how was your day?

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Isn't this normal in Japan ?
I saw some of your shows and it was much weirder than that

I bought a computer for 1200$
I also have done laundry
Oh and I have done some math too

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Please stay in Akiba, Davido.

made a cup of instant coffee and just had a wank
might read a book now but not too sure

>Think to myself how idiotic it would be if the bag spilled onto the floor

I was wondering the same thing once. But it was about Warhammer figurines.

Possibly but I'm a sunburnt whitey with a big nose so I think it's weirder for me. Yuru yuri was the manga by the way

woke up 1h30 ago, did a poo, there was some algae in it from last night's sushi, feeling a bit hungry and tired from all the rosé and red wine, might be thinking of going to burger king for a long texas or two.

Should I go to Burger King? idk, it's Sunday and there's a lot of people out there spending their recently earned wage...

Bought a new laptop yesterday and played Football Manager in bed this morning for like 2 hours

Football manager is for gay kids.

Takes one to know one

You're also starting university?

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I'd way rather people see some army dude figures than moe manga.
God I wish I were in Akiba. Not even an English teacher btw, I'm here for legit reasons.

Takes one to know it takes one to know one

Yep, I'm going to a Welsh uni so technically I'll be in a different country

Ate some croissants and had coffee. It is 2:20 AM now. It is time for me to finish sorting my things out (I lost the last two days on moving into my student flat and carefully cleaning it up) and continue reading for uni.
Later I'm thinking I'll read Arakawa under the bridge. It looks really entertaining.

>woke up hangover as fuck with sore throat
>made BLT
>cleaned out my espresso machine
>now watching some CSGO, waiting for Spurs - Arsenal to begin

I'm not ready

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>Arakawa under the bridge

It's just fujoshit but I guess it's reasonably entertaining. If you're still at the phase where Japanese media has novelty value by virtue of being Japanese than go for it, by all means.

you're gonna suck all those welsh boi dicks?
you like dicks that much, boy? you like fat welsh dicks and football manager don't you? you're a dirty little man, boy. a little dirty boy who needs his ass filled up, don't you boy? 2 hours of welsh cock sucking.

I am, get me there right now

I'll be eating out all the iberian hotties that come to the UK to study

Read the work of Abe Kōbō instead

>everyone starting uni
>I'm on my 7th year and about to finally graduate

What is fujo?
I've already read/watched manga/anime. so it is nothing new, but I've read a few chapters and it struck me as pretty funny and very relaxing.

japanese media has novelty value because the cp is great

I would, but I'm looking for something light-hearted to read to relaxed when I am tired. I have to read a lot for uni already.

Iberian cock in your mouth uuuuu so gud.
You munch on those large iberian dicks, imagine you're sucking the big musky scented dicks of the lads on football manager irl. you're a dirty debased kid, who only exists to suck gay dick. and you're okay with that. so rude.

>hurrrr loli=cp

Joke around like that for long enough and the UN might actually succeed in destroying the world some day.

>have to go to the place called tsukuba
>google map says you have to transfer at akihabara station

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Those Spanish girls might seem fun at first but they are nothing but a nuisance. Same goes for Shitalians and other brownoids coming here

Girls don't play football manager, eedeeot.

>Why yes, I am a lolicon, how did you figure that?

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What specs? I'll tell you how much that would be in the land of Jews.

>legit reasons
Like what? Selling your little girl doujins to your friends for a profit?

I dont know it was a laptop



oh, it's nothing, really... forget I said anything, okay?


t. virgin that can't handle a spicy mamacita
just tell them to fuck off if they get uppity you beta

well I enjoy cp.
you have to give it to the UN and the USA, always sticking their noses into other countries' business.
USA partly influenced Japan to stop JK prostitution as well.

Science ;^)

>USA partly influenced Japan to stop JK prostitution as wel
As an American, I can semi-unironically say death to American desu

What I meant is that I have not bothered to remember it. I can look it up for you if you want.

Legitimately a brainlet most likely.
Download speccy and screenshot.
If you bought a lenovo that isn't a ThinkPad you fucked up.
If you bought a gayming laptop you fucked up.
Rest depends on what you bought but you most likely fucked up, you should get some small ultra book with some Linux distro like arch and that should be enough for all your needs when not home with PC access, hell nowadays some people can just use a phone instead of a laptop.

I woke up an hour ago and started replaying this game.

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Good boy points for you

Uni starts soon so I'm just chilling at home rn. Started learning Spanish by myself last month and I feel like I'm making decent progress so far. Also I hope I will enjoy my time at university this time around more than I did the last time around cause that was fucking miserable, let me tell you. But that's what I get for going for a degree I wasn't even remotely interested in.

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I sent this dude I like a message last night saying how I miss him and shit then I cringed at it so much this morning so I sent an apology which I regret again. Other than that I just stayed at home, stuffed myself with food like it's my last day (cause diet will start tomorrow hopefully), watched Money Heist and Mindhunter, worked out in the evening and now Jow Forums.

Are you a girl? If so, then fuck off and kill yourself. If you're a fag then you're okay in my book and probably a cool person.


Wife made breakfast. I sanded down some pointy wood bits under the table so the toddler wont slice his head open. Played some overwatch. Might mow the lawn or work on the car later.

Lol thanks


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spend your money more, gaijin-san

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For Pete's sake, you'll get there one day zoomie

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>tfw spent like 100 bucks at maid cafes and 200 bucks on soaps in the past couple months

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That's if I could find someone I could fall in love with, who's responsible and caring enough to have a family with me one day. That's a big if cause people nowadays are too cool for it

And you're a 30 year old single flip woman

Military men are even worse though. I had lived in Fussa and Zama so I know how disgusting they are(especially black guys of course)

Well no, I'm 23. The thought of not being able to find SO just saddens me sometimes. But other times I'm okay with it.

cringe but redpilled

love this topic continue

>wear fedora and Monster Energy tshirt
>go to local anime merch shop
>buy dakimakura and like 15 figurines
>go to my car
>small electric car with only 2 front seats
>put my dakimakura to the seat and secure it with seatbelt
>drive home
>see pedestrian crossing with two girls wanting to cross it
>let them cross
>they look at me and then cross the road while giggling

It was fun day

>woke 8 am to start hiking some more of this trail
>got into a town early and bought some cookies and tuna
>shopkeepers wife is from my area back home
>they give me free food from their bbq yesterday, ate it for dinner, chicken sausages and corn on the cob
>chill out watching the Atlantic at a lighthouse, feeding seagulls
>picked a bunch of blackberries from the roadside
>camped here now lurking while in my comfy tent
EXTREMELY satisfying day tbqhwy

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