Will you watch joker?

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Yes of course our society demands that

Op here maybe.

I love DC,sure,I'll watch it.

Yes, but I'm scared an incel will shoot up the theater on premiere, so I'll wait a bit.

yes i loved the heath ledger joker movie, im really looking forward to this one! without batman it's going to be a lot more grounded and realistic


Honestly, I will. Because it can't be middling if it tries. It will either be ridiculous and terrible, or ridiculous and kino. And I'm fine with both, both will please me.

Nee. I thought the capeshit finally ended and Hollywood started to make real movies again

nope. pointless

oh shit i haven't thought about that. hungarian theatres have to be safe from that right? no one would (or could) bring a weapon to a movie screening right?

>it can't be middling if it tries.

I'm nervous too. Hungary will probably be okay.

looks like burgers won't

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Because unless you watch Netflix/HBO shows or movies that are currently in theaters you're out of the media loop at work.

Who cares? Then.

I have never seen a Hollywood movie. Because it is no creativity.

Have you seen the trailer? It looks pretty good.

Based , Hollywood is just for brainwashing people
I prefer Korean/Japanese movies

>tfw nobody here has a single idea about the clown meme and internet politics at all

I hope nobody shoots up your theatres bros,stay safe

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I don't watch superhero movies.

>mfw there are already some film critics rating it poorly solely due to its association with retards online

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I'd say the subject matter prohibits it being standard. And the trailer seems to indicate it's going to try for something new. I'd say that puts it in either succeeding fully or failing miserably. It's going to be ridiculous either way - it's a Joker film, after all. So I think I'm going to get something from it either way. That's why I'm making an exception from normally avoiding capefilms.

Is that even a question? Of course I'll watch it. And I don't even have to fear for my life by going to the cinema

Do they pay you overhours for watching crap you clearly don't want?

Do foreign movies come with subtitles or a voices changed?
Not a superhero.

You should be safe, this is an anglo retards issue.

>Not a superhero.
It's joker from batman bro. Just more comic book trash.


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It's a psychological horror. No batman, as well. It looks interesting to me.

Film critics are bipolar retards anyway, as soon as movies get slightly controversial they completely sperg out

Patrician picture, 10/10.

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Blessed post

If i was American i would stay away from schools, malls and garlic festivals the upcoming weeks.

If it's its own thing then why does it need to borrow the name of a batman character?


No but unless you work alone you should socialize if you want a raise or a favor in the future.
People who aren't neets and don't work alone? Being on good terms with your coworkers is pretty important if you want your job to not be miserable.
I have to spend at least three hours a week on stuff I don't really care about just so I wouldn't be the weird guy who never talks because he has nothing in common.
God I fucking hate doing this

Yeah, sounds like trash. Won't be watching.


No. I don't watch capeshit.

Be like israel. This is why everyone likes Isreal.

Yes for we are all clowns.

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don't know yet, looks like a lot of people that are ugly and can't get laid are gonna be seeing it. I don't wanna go there with my girlfriend.

>looks like a lot of people that are ugly and can't get laid are gonna be seeing it
Yeah basically.

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After thinking about it I think that in some theatres there will be a horde of neck beard Jow Forumstards wearing clown Pepe and "kek" shirts will barge into the cinema and ruin the experience

This is exactly my fear but idk if there are armed civilians here.

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If you can take/find a photo in a cinema in Baghdad of a fucking Iraqi in a pepe or kek t shirt I will give you an Australian citizenship.

No,that wont happen here,I'm talking about YOU guys not me

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Dude you had to see the suicide squad audience. Definition of white trash

last movie i watched was Jacob's ladder a couple of weeks ago and before that it was taxi driver for the 15th time about 2 years ago

Do people know about the joker in brazil? I hear the criminals love him.

yes you are brown
yes you are hairy
yes you are dumb
yes you are a boomer

no you are not cute

Does Iraq take refugees from the Netherlands? I want out of this ride.

No. I'd rather spend money on beer

>go to movie theater to watch Oscar bait the movie
>buy some pop corn and coke and see some Jow Forumsacks making cringe memes in the line
>pic related bumps in me and says "my bad fellow gamer, maybe one day we will be free to say NIGGER right?"
>finally go to my seat just to see more Jow Forumsacks and DC shills in costumes
>out of no where pic related stay in front of the screen and says "WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY! GAMERS RISE UP"
>he puts a gas mask, throw some gas granades, pull out a gun and start to shooting up the place
Mark my words Jow Forums

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Take a ride to some other country,Iraq isnt doing very well and they really hate foreigners for no reason

The trailer looks good
Maybe it will be worth downloading once it's pirated


yeah on the premiere

It will be funny though. Just think about all the memes that will be born.


I don't watch the satanic reel jew a.k.a hollywood movies

Yes,First Day First Show

>if this happens it will be the second batman movie to be shot up on opening night

Brave man.

i haven't consumed any american entertainment in over a decade.

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On torrents

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I want to, but my friends probably don't care, nad I don't want to look like an incel freak alone in the theater

Don't be so insecure. My friend doesn't want to go for some reason. Strange.

I'm actually excited because it looks like a character focused movie not another cgi abomination

>Not in America
>getting shot up
Nice try

Sure, I'll torrent it when it's available in ok quality.

i thought my life was a tragedy, but then i realised its a comedy

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I don't bloody think that is legal mate.

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Scheduled for release in my bible thumping area. Maybe some christcucks will picket the flick, but that's probably it. Gonna be a lot of blacks at the movie

Arr I bloody don't care laddie

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Went to the garlic festival yesterday, but come October, I'm no longer going out. I live in SC and if y'all don't know, it's one of the most violent states

Nah it's all good. but seriously I don't know why my friend doesn't want to watch it. Might be scared. Lmao.

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>Went to the garlic festival yesterday

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im scared of french incels

No, Hollywood is the house of the worst and anyone who gives money to the beast now is not human.

No. I don't want to risk the lives of any of my friends because some dumb mulatto from Jow Forums was feeling angry that day

it looked more interesting when they released the first teaser

The last two trailers look cliché

no. i dont want to get shot up at the theatres. also good morning everybody. i hope every one has a nice sunday.

Good morning,how are you? I hope you are having a nice Sunday too.

this lol

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too red pilled

i am waiting for the breaking bad movie, ill just torrent this like any other capeshit

I don't like capeshit

why do you waste time watching capeshit

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Got one ticket to the North American premier

When does it come out?

Sure. I like Joaquin kino

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It finally dawned on my why Tarantino called his movie plot to kill Hitler by the allies "Operation Kino"

oct 3 in australia

Watch how Hollywood once again repeats itself?

This will be incel kino tho