User, why are you still a virgin?

user, why are you still a virgin?

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Do you have sauna orgies in Finland? How is it not awkward and how aren't guys getting boners?

Autistic nation

No and no

do finns really go into sauna naked with girls? do you look at their vagene

>a group of naked men enter a small room to get hot and steamy
How are saunas not gay?

how much does a surface of 2x2 meters of cedar boards cost?

>how aren't guys getting boners
It's impolite.

im not, honestly nowadays its harder to not be a virgin than be a virgin i dont get you guys

No, she wants them to just be friends. He desperately wants it to be something more but can't figure out a way to escalate the relationship, so he orbits her in the sauna. If there were other guys in there he'd be trying to chase them away however he could.

Finns are gay so they feel nothing when looking at women.

>Do you have sauna orgies in Finland?
No, it's too hot
> How is it not awkward and how aren't guys getting boners?
Because its not sexual

yeah i'm sure they're sex buddies you don't go to the sauna with the opposite gender
unless it is the steam sauna at the swimming pools


>It's impolite.
t. low T faggot

would you feel awkward if you went to sauna and there were women there?

i hate sauna and stuff. am i autist?

How do you distract yourself from it? I get boners by merely looking at female coworkers and there's no way i'd be able to control my dick if they're sweaty and naked around me even if its not ''sexual''

i once went a nudist beach in antalya hoping to see some european qts but it was full of old german couples. it was traumatic experience.

As much as the media loves making "weird Japan" articles the Japanese are also guilty of stereotyping foreigners.

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*gets sterile*
heh nothing personal


What would you do if there were qts and you got boner?

are you the turk incel youtuber

have sex

>How do you distract yourself from it?
participate in the conversation and keep your eyes to yourself. You can also wear trunks or a towel if you feel so.

Trying to for 20 something years now. Getting there eventually...

What? The swimming hall is the only place where there are men-only and women-only saunas. I've been to a sauna with all of my female relatives, with my female bosses and colleagues, with my female friends, with my girlfriend's friends and my friends' girlfriends and wives. It's normal.

It's not sexual nor is it embarrassing in any manner. Fucking or even wanking in a sauna is really off-putting with the heat and humidity anyway, feels like you're getting closer to a stroke rather than an orgasm.

Usually the lighting is very dim anyway and some choose to keep the lights off altogether, you don't see that much and though I usually catch some glimpses at people's junk out of curiosity when I have the chance it'd be rude to stare so it's not like you're constantly seeing someone's sweaty boobs hanging over you

of course
no way it's normal, your case is an exception, the women and the men go to the sauna in different shifts

>It's not sexual nor is it embarrassing in any manner.
Yeah I'd stick to that story too, Jari. Kek.
>Fucking or even wanking in a sauna is really off-putting with the heat and humidity anyway, feels like you're getting closer to a stroke rather than an orgasm.
Lol what? Where did that come from and what does that have to do with it?
I'm thinking this guy might be right:

because I have no lativan gf to have a sauna with

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Looks comfy

Im a balding manlet dicklet jawlet poorfag and ugly ayy face

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Beauty is the only thing that matters for attraction, everything else is glorified prostitution

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Wow...racism is alive and well in Brazil

>how aren't guys getting boners?
You can always force them to put on a tablecloth, so they "wouldn't be attractive".

You have tapped to your colleagues/wives friends

>you'll never be in a sauna with pure finnish girl

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Imagine being so gay that simply seeing a cock makes you automatically think of hot, steamy man-boning. Fag.

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why are finns so beautiful?

estonian tourist leaves semen deposits for the finnish female


why are estonians so beautiful?

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>its harder to not be a virgin than be a virgin
Only for the most attractive 1% maybe. If you don't do anything, you won't get sex unless you're extremely attractive. Doing stuff to get sex is harder than not doing stuff to get sex.


>tfw no qt finnish gf

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I must watch this. For science.



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what the fuck is this wojak

The average COOOOOMER poster

Well there are naked women in sauna here too. I think there are some mixed onsen also in Japan but I'm not sure

It's an abstract kind of reee

Because I'm mentally unstable, obsessive, edgy, hateful. My psychosis has convinced me if i have sex I'll die, my depression leaves me feeling my only purpose is to meditate and become a transcendent instrument of death.

My parents divorced when I was 1yo and my dad was abscent 90% of time and when he would be showing up he would give me useless life advice (i.e "bee urself XD") so I've never picked up the whole "how 2 get gf" thing from him.
Tbqh i don't like my whole situation and I don't know how to get out from it.

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Finns are a bit crazy you see. Please watch. They are all crazy. Like what the fuck is the collective. Not that I mind thinking of others first but these fucks are on the level of fucking ants.

Nice blog post

post, the rest of the video

t. blackincel

What's wrong with it? We have shared saunas here as well.

But I answered the question

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>thread about Finns
>posts vid about Scandinavia

Plowing some rando roastie isn't hard, however I'd rather wait untill I have a girlfriend to have sex with, which isn't easy if you're an insufferable autist.

because i have no social skills, im 6'4, semi fit, have good hygiene, normal face, etc but cant talk to women

are you cute? I'd like a twink black bf but there are none in Poland

Was your father a virgin too?

About the same really. All of you have the same mentality.

Does fucking another dude count as losing my virginity?

I put my friend in the ass. Or basically, it's a wrinkle because I'm not gay. I did not hit my dick in its bowels, it was rubber. Sohlaavat shit pisses me off with gay people. Homosexuality is a disease.

みなさん means "all of you". If they'd wanted to say "the two of you", they'd have said "二人さん達" instead.

No, kinda ugly too.

eeewww, why are you learning Japanese? You fucking spic indio nigger.

But like girls see ur pee pee and dont say anything?

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not doing anything ever is harder than doing something at least once

Why do gooks and Japs love making tv shows about some irrelevent countries in Eastern Europe?

I mean why the hell not?

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First half is correct, the second half would be more like "お二人さん".

>I get boners by merely looking at female coworkers


I don't know...

The guy to the left looks like Nigel Farage

Eastern Euros are fun people desu

>wasting time with a girl in a sauna who has friendzoned you
are fins the ultimate incels?

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>h-he is just wasting time haha

found the virgin

brown mans btfo

meds btfo'd

iberian men btfo