[Autism intensfies]

[Autism intensfies]

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I hope she won't get shot and return to Sweden

WTF is she doing?

Maybe she just has constipation or something.

Being autistic

I'm autistic and I don't do that. Autism doesn't make you retarded

greta is cute!

afaik she has that hyper sensitivity thing. Not memeing

I think she probably has more autism than you mate, use your head. I know diagnosed autistic people who are barely distinguishable from anyone else, and then ones who are mental.

Autism will ensure you're doing things that everyone else finds retarded, even if you're blissfully unaware.

I don't know about you guys but I really sucked at presenting in class during high school. I respect Greta and how has the courage to do this in front of crowds and news cameras, even with her autism.




Being a mongoloid autist

So now that the Rothschild yacht has been taken back to Europe, she is probably trapped in the United States of Shootistan and going to become the next prominent victim of gun violence.

How will that affect the climate, given that gun smoke is full of fine dust particles?

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why is she wearing swedish flag?
isn't she trying to unify world?

Even Mongolians dont look Mongoloid like her. She is pure Mongoloid.

Gods above, this is cringe. Kek.


even autistic leftist swedes are hyper-proud of their country for some reason

>not knowing what Sami tribes are

Stop making fun of her. She has assburgers syndrome.

Sami look don't as retarded as her

same. I like Greta desu

I've been always wondering, why there are no audible webms on Jow Forums? Even shitty russian board has it.

S*edoid genes

/gif/ and /wsg/ have them

People kept posting screamers so the mods removed them

Fuck off, Greta is nothing more then a liberal sock puppet for kike propaganda.

She looks kinda Finnish


I will never have a gf with autism, why live