only me edition

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watching the 2005 /brit/ highlights
now that was a fucking test series


These people have all carried out mass shootings this year in America. This may confuse most of you, as the media have told you that this is a white problem.

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we'll have to wait and see

remember it like it was yesterday

ayo E R I K hook a nigga with up your tinder bitches slatt on foe nem

it's because no one cares about blacks shooting each other in the ghetto

mmm golslaww...

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For me, it's Diary of a Country Priest (1951).

big fan of yank politics in /brit/

The deep state wants to stop you from practicing kissing with your auntie.

Exceptional edition.

aah yes a cherry picked picture

NEED another black gf

smoking weed on a cliff lads
the sunday night experience

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practicing kissing with my dog

4+ people

gangbangers should be take off this list, they mostly kill other gangsters not innocent civs and children like whites

>i can't take responsibility for my actions its someone elses fault

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never used to wank to her back in the day but seeing her outside of porn she’s pretty piff ngl

typical west ham fan

>no THOSE mass shootings don’t count

any of them british? no? so why did you post it in the british culture thread i wonder?

fucking disgusting

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tbf she has a point about (((people))) intentionally sexualizing young girls and making them think their sexual desirability is the only thing that matters, she just needs to come out and say who it is

(((Spurs))) are shite mate

wanking to porn wasn't a conscious decision i woke up one day and decided would be fun

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none of us are conscious

>their sexual desirability is the only thing that matters

That's true though.

need boomerang to do something special here my fpl team is lagging behind


what about their suitability for raising a strong son

I would masturbate to her if she had natural tits, those big fakies are too offputting

She’s a dog

depends on if they lift

haha this is literally me

Only 3 Arsenal players at best would get into Spurs' team. Stop running your mouth

Went on a stroll last night, and saw a bloke rough-housing his girlfriend a bit. She was clearly uncomfortable, but he grabbed her arm and forced her to kiss him. Thought about intervening, but decided to walk on by instead


Utter choon, lads.

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No women are capable of that, that's why sons of single mothers are 75% of the prison population

kek you wouldn't dare you little virg runt

should of offered yourself in her place like a true gentleman

becoming a tranny is actually an increasingly common method for sexual predators to invade the spaces of their prey

hungover from last night
still in bed with my laptop on my lap
eating warm sausage rolls
listening to gondolas i have saved

max comfy, will be staying in bed all day

I've put on 6 kilos in the past 2 months

I also get very angry when I see men kissing girls without my consent

Arsenal are shite too. Both of you will win fuck all in the next decade.

runt opinion, go for a girl who feels that way about herself and watch her cheat on you with the next guy who gives her attention

Don't bother. He would have sparked you out and she would lie to the police for him and go back to him even if he beats her.

>tehe i do drugs btw >:)


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Want a wife who helps me raise a very strong son
Don't think the next generation needs much brains, it'll be all post copacetic and that, a time for strength

that was not of your business anyway. if some weirdo tries to intervene whilst i put my girl back to her place as she deserves it, ill fucking heem him

I’ve put on over half a stone last month, got to eat big to get big and all that

Why do so many young men hate women nowadays, lads? I like women to be honest, especially my girlfriend, my mum and my two sisters.

The average woman gets a constant tsunami of validation

Probably time to get out of bed

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>max comfy
not really no :)
i threw up this morning
wasnt even been drinking

hon hon hon you dear disrepect me and my lady? en garde

spent the day in bed

based, nobody would stop you if you were trying to break your phone, why would they care if you damage your other property?

might look into farm girls, find a milkmaid used to carrying buckets

Bet your lifts have gone up loads eh?


African hands wrote this post

How can I hate women? My Mum's one.

Thanks, I'll visit farms

Kane is the only world class player that Spurs have.

time to go to bed

The big red machine?

Knowing me knowing poo

doing a joke here about needing strong arms to raise a heavy son into the air

Why do russians love cats so much

lol me and my mates are griefing asmongold and he's about to cry what a fucking pathetic mong

did one man kick the ball more effectively than the rest?

Women watching TV about more successful women. And they begin to drop you in a silly attempt to find a better one.

hate my mum

Whenever a Muslim is represented on British television, they're always played by Indian non-Muslims. Why is that?

i wasnt doing drugs last night

although i do do them tee hee

You forgot my Son

Don't follow

FEVA make such bangers

because muslims refuse to be apart of the liberal brainwashing done through media by the jews, hence they don't become actors

are they like aboriginals where you aren't allowed to show dead people on tv?

just fucking decked a ticket inspector after the cunt tried to fine me

me either lad
theres leaders and theres followers
and id rather be a golf ball than a sucker

not him but grow up, the woman chose to go and stay with a violent man, that's her problem, not yours

>le jews control everything meme

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they also always select 'liberal' muslim-lite people whereas the average muslim in this country is essentially rorke on steroids. a hard truth lefties dont like thinking about.

Carvery time lads

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All dogs should be put down ASAP.

hello 13 year old

Got cuts all over my hands from climbing over a fence at a festival on the weekend

back to red.dit

The very same African hands also wrote this post

my neighbour is jewish and let me tell he controls fucking nothing not even his nagging wife