Which country would you move to if you had the funds?

Which country would you move to if you had the funds?

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Somewhere in coastal Tunisia, preferably some mid sized town.

Drug friendly.

Lake Baikal :)

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I wouldn't, but if I had to and I couldn't choose a neighbouring country (Austria, to be exact), I'd go to Canada, probably.

America, montana


Maybe Ireland or Botswana.

I'd just move to another canton

Himba territory in Angola but unironically

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small county in minnesota

Only cowards flee, user.


I'd buy a holiday home in the Maldives

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If I had funds to move, i'd just stay here instead and start a business or something. Being a foreigner doesn't appeal to me because nothing really feels like home than home itself.




there's a town called irkustk there and they have airport so one day you could come to see the lake

Norway or Ireland

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