Our Poles and Lithuanians will soon be replaced by tall and beautiful Italians and Frenchmen fleeing unemployment and...

>Our Poles and Lithuanians will soon be replaced by tall and beautiful Italians and Frenchmen fleeing unemployment and poverty in the Eurozone

Am I the only one looking forward to this? I'm a girl :3 and I fucked a hot Italian guy when I was in Barcelona this summer with my friends and I can't wait to get more hot Italians and Frenchmen on my tinder feed at home lol

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>tall and beautiful Italians
what the actual fuck am I reading?


Scandi women being whores. Colour me surprised.

>I'm a girl :3
You're not fooling anyone, Ole.

deutsche is simply not that big, it's collapse will not hurt anything. it's nothing like the institutions that triggered 2008

whores doesn't exist, whore is just a term coined by men to oppress women. also, girls have the right to do what we want with our own bodies without getting slut shamed

You actually have the right to do anything with your own body, but the men got the right to call you a slut or a whore, are they not?

you're still whore and you know it. Enjoy your AIDS.

Also nobody from France would even want to come to your shithole. They have some standards, you know. Imagine them living squashed in this depressing hellhole with booze.

No we won't. This is our country now

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In dire times like these, a hero needs to step up.

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to fail?

>tall and beautiful Italians and Frenchmen
You have no idea what's coming. Expect tiny brown murlocs

tits or gtfo

Galactic brained post


Go back to Algeria, Mamadou

these mofos

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>nordic girls expect french men to be med gods
>look like an ugly anglo with fetal alcohol syndrome

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Instead they all are desperate as fuck to get to Quebec and when they are finally there suddenly pretend they are better than the locals who have twice the standard of life people in France have

au nord, c'était les corons

Canada is poor. You've smoked too much of weed with those high standards. Maybe a bit south down in the US.

when you stay in québec with euros you're at an advantage, but once you work and live there, you're just like everyone else

>polish reading comprehension

I guess nordic guys get cucked much more often than anybody else

>Scandi women being whores
Poland no.

yeah im small but girls say im cute so really idgaff

>Women remarking she gets laid on holiday, taking in account Western women live in ultra-easy mode in that sense, specially when in other country
That desperate she is?

He's not a woman

Did you just assume its gender?


nice 2011 meme :DD ebin

I'm being serious. He's a transphobe and I'm concerned about this. What if s(he) just changed its gender?

>actually thinking deutsche bank will collapse
LOL, go back to Jow Forums, you trash!

you're just jealous nobody wants to fuck slavs, Slavic men are most disgusting creatures on planet earth, I would rather have sex with black and muslim people than your kind, filthy untermensch

I don't care what useless germ vermin thinks about slavs, your whorish "women" are getting fucked by them every day, so you're more than wrong.

>tfw really wanted to move to Norge but learning Norwegian just looks so daunting I might give up on dream

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Norwegian is literally the easiest language on the planet


Doubt. He is probably "the cuck Johannes" aka cuckem Johannes


You're not cute Erik