Are girls in your country Jow Forums?

Are girls in your country Jow Forums?

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no, they are /fat/

i think mostly they are skinny. not fit though

American is strange because there is an epidemic of obesity here while there are some really Jow Forums girls especially along the East and West coasts.

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no, they are fat

take me to florida. i can sing in local latino band

That's not fit really..

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i have that type bull friend and once she almost banged me in the ass with enormous huge dildo. i was scared asf

You know what she wants to do user.

most of them are skinnyfat

Hot and cute

Do i even have to say anything. Still, sucks women in europe and US are all fucking flat. Jesus.

What happened to the Finnish musclegirl poster? I hope he's ok.

I wish.

Did you miss the thread yesterday?

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Some are, vast vast vast majority aren't.
Saw a real qt in a gym I walked past today.

Sadly, no.

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Only the police officers

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2 > 1 >>>>> 3 >>>>>>>>> 4


>tfw fit

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she is canadian lol

She lives in California now. And she originally was from Vancouver which is on the West coast of Canada/

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this is correct

>tfw no assertive tall Jow Forums gf

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its ok bby

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I'll take the one on the right

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Pretty fit with bundas

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Why is she tossing them around like that?
That's pretty inefficient.
What if she drops one?

this is a thread about fit girls, not these ugly freaks

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Because she has to be wait a bit before going for the next one since it's harder that way

such a qt

that's just skinny even for a cardio bunny

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t. el neekeri de las europas

No. There is a worse obesity crisis among Panamanian women than even the United States. There are lots of Jow Forums girls with fake tits and ass around, but they're mostly from Colombia, Venezuela and elsewhere.

Vittun neekerit

they are all fat slags or chubby slags

thats fat though

they actually are you dumb fuck literally every girl is obsessed with being lean
unless you're a t*rrone

they aren't skinny. The majority of russian girls have a girlgut and the word 'skinny' is definitely not what you would describe a russian girl.

>Are girls in your country Jow Forums?
Absolutely not. No. (sadly)


>obsessed with being lean
skinny, not fit, most work they do is eating less

had sex with this escort a few weeks ago but no not usually, girls like this are very rare

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I had a russian gf very skinny and tall

You mean anorexic with body image disorders

fake tits don't count at all

Not possible to have a body like her and still have nice tits
They were good fakes anyway, body was 11/10 overall

>Not possible to have a body like her and still have nice tits
was she >40?

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in certain places in northern italy they are though, like Milano

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that ass is too manly, needs to be lowered and less tight

Damn they are both pretty. For some reason most tall girls I see are ugly as fuck but they seem to be the exception.

faces seem to be elongated and more horsey with added length

t. incel speculator pro

I live in Texas and according to statistics this is the fattest state in the US, but every girl and woman I see is in regular shape

I love her

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It's all the Mexicans in near the border skewing the numbers.
It's rough here man.

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Man ass doesn’t look like that faggot

Infalted by minorities

yes, it does, literal faggot
women have fat asses
fag bodybuilder men have tight asses

Italy and other west european countries is less obese than Russia

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Yes actually. Girls here are usually pretty fit since Russia has always been very sporty.


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>time to end trannies

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