Thats how looks a Polish girl dating a black bull

Thats how looks a Polish girl dating a black bull

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Do you think you're better than him?

Oh no. Polish girls prefer BBC over polaks who doesn't really even care about their luck because it's too "faggy"

You've taken up medicine you've created.

look. Damn autocorrect.

Why do you keep taking photos of foreigners in Poland do you want to proof us something?

He's a famous Jow Forums stalker from Wroclaw and around it.

cool bag Polska.

>Posts "muh white genocide" because he can't get a date.
I despise kneegrows as much as the next guy, but this false flag has to end.
Go out, unironically have sex.

>bag pouch
are you a drug dealer or just gay?

That should've been me

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He was also around on Krautchan and his only purpose is taking pictures of modern stuff in Poland such as vegan bars, craft beers and BBC

Yes, spooky as hell. Nobody is interested in his life. Also Jow Forums is not instagram.

Być może to znaczy że Polakom (oraz innym Słowianom też) trzeba wrócić że rodacy będą szukać żonę..

Co myślisz na ten temat?

>his life
It's not even about his life. He pretends to be doing something but his pictures are always centered around a bunch of foreigners. One time he went to some Indian cultural festival to show how multicultural his shithole was and there were like 5 pajeets there

I wish some pajeet would just punch him for taking photos of them.

I'm joking. But here if you see someone with that is either a pusher or a fag

You must be a shitskin if you are so irritated by me taking photos of shitskins. Aint you?

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You take pictures of random objects, ask if people in others country do it too but the obvious point of your images is showing you just saw your first negro

any sort of archive?

Just look in the Jow Forums archives and combine something like 'uber' and 'polish flag'
He keeps talking about having seen a Turkish person deliver his food, or when an Uber driver was from Pakistan

You are obsessed. When i hunt for foreigners, i always inform about it ITT, like yesterday when i made photos of like tens of saudi females wearing burkhas in Zakopane

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You can watch my photos here:

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By the way, i am currently in Krakow in one of local craft beer bars making myself drunk and charging my smartphones battery. If you want, i can walk to center in an hour and make photos of crowd. Like half of it here are shitskins, asians and niggers, i am not even kidding. Tourism is booming here even on sunday. I actually had hope to make photos of the city in peace, because i deluded myself that most restaurants are closed on Sunday. Unfortunately it is not the case here

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Thats the craft beer bar

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I already drunk belgian IPA, session IPA and weast coast IPA. It removes thirst better than water during summer.

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I tried to make photo of John Paul II like hour ago. It is my fault that two pajeets stood in front of it? This shitskin from Netherlands is insane. He would like to censor all photos made in Poland that contain faces of exotic foreigners. Maybe he has a hidden agenda?

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Id stab the murzyn and beat up this bitch.
But if it would be Warsaw or some other big city i would got busted tho
Why would anyone find a black person attractive anyway?
Im not a jelly virgin but this is fucking disgusting i swear.
Bestiality fetish in its fucking prime.

>Just look in the Jow Forums archives and combine something like 'uber' and 'polish flag'
>He keeps talking about having seen a Turkish person deliver his food, or when an Uber driver was from Pakistan

Dude, i was just taking photo of a random street like two hours ago. Is it my fault that a Uber-shitskin just moved so fast on his bike that he entered in front of my camera when i was pressing the screen-button? You must understand that such things like shitskin-uber-drivers and shitskin-negro tourists are a common thing in major Polish cities. I know that you feel humiliated as a shitskin when you realize that your brownskinned brothers work in Poland as uber-drivers but facts are facts

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lmao this wh*toid is mad

>work in Poland as uber-drivers
kek well you guys clean toilets in Germany you aren't much better

And when i just make photo of a Polish girl dating a shitskin in yellow tshirt on the left in the craft beer bar i am currently sitting in, it must mean that i directed the scene, according to the paranoid netherlands-shitskin

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James Blond, hibiscus mango blond ale just entered on taps. I drink it and walk towards the center of city.

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Do you like the colour?

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>beating up a black guy because a white woman finds him attractive

this is your brain on slav

You're german, so you're even worse than being slav.

These two negroes exchanged their phone numbers with this Polish teen girl like few hours ago. You think i gave a fuck?

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He is new-wave "German" of ebonics roots

No, I know he's german, most germans are such autistic stupid kind of neet, who believe in their own unfolded racial superiority, even though they are considered pedophiles outiside of their borders and generally despised.

Just go suck black or Arab dick. You are so pathetic with your obsession towards non-whites. Admit that you are gay and want to be a sissy wife of some strong powerful Mokebe

how is this news?
exotic = attractive

>knows languages
>makes good money
>travelled the world

>the only places he knows is the wooden shack he sleeps and the work camp he works at
>barely conversational in polish (you don't need that to work with a shovel) let alone foreign languages

If I was a polish woman I'd date the nigger too, no doubt about it.

You polish lot are weird

I am bisexual and i like males with muscular and handsome bodies just like me, indeed. But i have no fixation on race. I would never want to have sex with black/shitskin guy if he wasnt athletic and pretty

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you cared enough to take a photo of them

It is hard to not make photos of at least one negro/shitskin when you make photo in center of Krakow, seriously

Was just in Tarnow, Zakopane and Krakow last week. Very nice country and met a qt farm girl.

Great pics bro. What are u using to take it?

>uses a gay man bag

this nigga has some broad shoulders

This one looks like Jamaica disco-star from 90s

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more pics

Just arrived to citys center

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He is not as muscular as the other one.
He looks like a black wimp.

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take some creepshots

bruh, having sex is as easy as going out and talking to a girl, trust me bruh

I have a crush on raghead girls

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He's basically trying to make it look like Poland is developed and totally not a poor third world shithole.

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