Do women celebrities in your country lust after young teenagers?

Do women celebrities in your country lust after young teenagers?

Julia Vickerman, creator of Netflix show "Twelve Forever" (how ironic), self-confessed pedo

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I'm not a celebrity but yes.

>shoe on Jow Forumsddit

>Twelve Forever

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t. pedo
how is it ok that a 36 years old grown woman lusts and stalks a random 14 years old boy just because he's "cute"?

Absolutely based, whish that was me when I was 14 yo

I couldn’t care less. Women can’t rape boys, you can go show you e-celeb on Jow Forums where she belongs with her riveting commentary on such extremely controversial topics.

porque los hombres le la gustan

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just imagine if he was a man and instead of a boy the teen was a 14 years old girl. then you retards wouldn't be defending this ugly pedo

>lust after young teenagers
No, I only lust over old or middle-aged teenagers
Learn English retard

i mean a 12 years old boy isn't the same as a 17 years old, you pedo

Stop repeating mutterings of your brain damaged e-celeb, take that garbage somewhere else

This is based.

She isn't even an actual pedo, the boy is at puberty of after.
I'm gonna be honest, at that age I would fuck anything. Its entirely different when it comes to women, just given all the cultural history about purity, virgin bride, protecting daughters, etc. While men are expected to be alphas that fuck lots of women.
I understand your frustration and where this is coming from, because the laws aren't equal. But males and females aren't equal. The laws will ultimately be on your side, but only for the sake of presenting an equality between male and female pedos.
At the end of the day, I don't really care what happens since this will never affect me, and if my son fucked some hot older women I would high five him, but I'm just typing up my thoughts on it.

why do you think i'm like an orbiter of this ugly androgynous abomination? i literally didn't know who she was till 20 minutes ago. stop projecting man

Straight shota is hot, get over it you degenerate

>shoe on bbc

>male pedo bad
>female pedo based

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Wait is ahe another on of those "BASED CONSERVATIVE WOMEN dating BASED BLACK MEN"??

>male pedo
>rapes little girls
>female pedo
>allows herself to be rapes by teenage horny boys
Yeah, based

deal with it mate. females can get away with anything. that's why females are never shamed for commiting filicide in higher rates and all tv is bloated with "all males kill females!" shit, despite Spain being one of the most secure countries for women.

>female pedo
>allows herself to be rapes by teenage horny boys

>he actually believes this is how it goes
you fucking disgusting, bastard pedo.

zoomerette these days...

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>ss is bad... BAD!!!

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Women cant stop loving kids as they are in their apex of hornyness and agressiveness

When adults they have to work and live around office cucks who dry their pussy like nothing. They see kids fighting and asserting dominance and they get wet

This is correct.

How old is this woman
She looks forty

Shut the fuck up and behave, kid.

Age (as in number) is literally a social construct
Human psyche doesn't care about age. You see 14 yo boy and you see a little kid, but a woman sees a young man ready to impregnate first and a kid later.

The fact that this is socially acceptable to post on the internet is another matter. West is so degenerate it could explode

Cringe at this pedo defender.

She's 36, YEP

You could as well be you deranged obsessive cunt. You're like a voice recorder muttering yhe exact same phrase

Holy shit the insane pedo cope ITT

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Sadly guys don’t view this as predatory behavior because the woman was attractive.

Somehow boys going through puberty aren't victims when the women pursuing them are considered 'pretty '.

>>allows herself to be rapes
Ivan I don't think you know what rape is.

But what is rape? If someone has sex with a whore without paying, is it rape or theft?
Please teach us.

Fuck off pedo

Theft as the sex was willing but agreed upon payment was withheld.