What food in your cunt is associated with kids dish?

What food in your cunt is associated with kids dish?

Here it's fried cheese with chips and tartar sauce

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pasta, milanesa with fries, burgers, hot dogs, etc.


I think it's the same for anywhere in the west

Do spaniards eat milanesa too?

Puree, spinash

Schnitzel and mushed potatoes/french fries

fran you're lurking again aren't you?

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yeah, it's a typical kids meal, but we have an adult version called cachopo, usually with blue cheese and cured ham


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Generally something like that too. Burger + fries, kroket + fries, schnitzel + fries or pancakes are the children menu.

I mean, besides the steak, they add the cheese and ham

Normal Malay food without the hot peppers and sambals.
Your pic related is when they're in muricans fast food.


Imagine living in a country where people feed their kids shit they wouldn't eat themselves.

Trully this is the only thing that separates civilized peoples from brown peoples.

Chicken nuggets, fries, yakult, brigadeiro, chocolate milk

Nice... Pic related is milanesa napolitana, our adult version

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I’m 28 and still drink chocolate milk. People make fun of me :(

Small Schnitzel and fries I guess

just drink regular milk like an adult

What? That's student food. Proper university dining.
Childrens food is fish sticks or nuggets.

Chocolate milk tastes better and it’s actually better for post-workout recovery than regular milk

I get diarrhea from regular cow milk. So I just drink strawberry flavoured milk or goat's milk.

>fish sticks
are they gay fish?

yeah if they're with kanye they are

I just drink a protein shake. Buy a big 5 kg bucket of ready-to-mix powder with either strawberry or pear/melon taste and mix with water. Takes like 30 seconds and tastes amazing. Works better than milk as well.

I have never liked protein powder. It does not taste good

>I just drink a protein shake
Do you call people bra and wear tanktops lmao
What kind of children drink that stuff? Get skinny quark

Every single brand tastes different though, so unless you've tasted all of them you can't possibly know that. I've had some that tasted horrible. Usually off brand cheap shit but there's some nasty expensive ones as well.

>Do you call people bra and wear tanktops
No, usually too cold here in the Arctic circle for tank tops and I don't speak English in everyday life.
>What kind of children drink that stuff?
People who wants to get big?
>Get skinny quark
Too cold here to be skinny, great way to freeze to death. Also, I work construction, why the fuck would I wanna be skinny?

Protein shakes is childish as fuck. Look for dairy products that offer the same or even more protein.
The reason you want skinny quark is because it has a very high protein - calorie ratio. But you can also get the extra fat ones and has just as much protein with high fat levels.

Youre autistic. I bet you dont eat vegetables and seafood because theyre icky.

most likely an underage. MODS

>bet you dont eat vegetables and seafood because theyre icky.
wrong. Seafood is my favorite category of food. I also often choose steamed vegetables as my side items.

>Proper university dining.
are u 30kg

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I’ve tried different brands, but it tastes bad. Real milk is way better, and probably healthier desu. It’s natural

>Look for dairy products
I'm lactose intolerant so no. Protein shakes works great for me, it's pretty cheap, tastes great. Why would I change?

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Pizza with fries and würstel, but plenty of teens and early 20s order it too.


Tendies and fries. I’m 23 and that’s still one of my favorite snackies

Ay man, macaroni and meatballs with ketchup kept me at a UNIT weight of 110 kg while in uni. All washed down with beer and rum.

Awesome pic. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

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That sounded hella gay but thanks I guess.

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mmm ja smaklig :)

Do refugee qts lay with you in the forbidden bed often?

Not many refugees up here above the arctic circle so no.

Any meat desu. Mentally mature adults are vegan here

Any vegetarian/vegan food desu. Mentally mature adults here eat meat here.

I just made some muffins :)

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grilled wieners with potato salad