Finland is 100% pure Jōmon

Finland is 100% pure Jōmon.

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>The vessel patterns are identical to the Neolithic and Bronze Age Jōmon culture in Japan (jōmon = rope pattern).

Ainu couple from Hokkaido.

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Finland is 50% Svesnka, 50% Pyccкий.

This is a white man

Your actual ancestor

We are boat Estonians

stop using Fingol, use Finmon instead

pretty based dude


Holy shit, based

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Actually its opposite, while central asians carry Finnic fathergenes we rarely have anything from there.

I know that this is all memes and whatnot but do Finns have mongolian or even turkic blood

Please no hate ich brainlet

They do, which is why the meme exists in the first place. Look at finns taking dna tests on youtube, majority will get a few % of central asia (in some cases inuit) now obviously the amount isn't a lot but still

No but ok

It originates from earlier records of the race scientists thinking they were Mongolian though?

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Turkic, Finnic and Mongol are all different peoples.

Its like saying Dutch, Arab and Southern Indian are all same people.

Finns have some percentages of genetics linked to Asian peoples

I checked 5 vids and none of had asian blood wtf

First indios, now Finns. What race will be next to become Japanese?

classic finnish race

Uralic people came from southern china iirc

Ural mountains