Why do Brits hate Poles?

Why do Brits hate Poles?

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they prefer Pakis over us

why shoudln't they? pakistan is part of the glorious commonwealth

i don't have hate for them lole i'm neutral on the situation

I hate poles too

I would prefer pakis over you

why would a successful pole have any real drive to leave poland and settle in a cheap area of the UK? if you were content with your life why would you emigrate?

there are a few exceptions but most of the poles over here failed to make a decent living in their own country. in other words, we get the trash.

not racis or nuffin just don't like em is all simple as

This hurts me but the UK government is to blame for this 100%. During the 60's they imported some pakis from the most inbred place here for labour. Years later and after many generations of incest you get this. What the people do is when its time for marriage they go back to Pakistan and marry some inbred from their village and then bring them back to the UK. This has been going on for generations

You have niggers and pakis since decades in your country making it a rotten shithole, you have a Muslim mayor in your capital city and islamisation is stronger everydays, with race-mixing increasing.
And your biggest complains are poles?

They're no good.

OP asked why there is some 'hate' towards poles specifically and i gave him the answer

i'd go into why people hate other groups too but honestly i don't feel like spending the next 20 minutes typing

They want muslims instead, not Catholic Europeans

t. polish diaspora

Slavs aren't human.

Is this the reason?

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turks say that too for their diaspora in germany why its always the most inbred who went abroad?

both are shit you pole

Can Russia already nuke poland please? or germany annex us already

Brits are so cucked

get the fuck out of my country you filthy untermensch scum

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I perefere you being annexed by Belarus and Lithuania

maybe they need to adopt some moon script like japanese as first language.that is working as super barrier against almost all of forigner imigrants.

Whatever, just don't let poles be in charge of their country, it's fucking embarassing

it's actually the same thing for us in France with maghreb people.

Poles are low iq subhumans

Why? It looks like you've been experiencing significant economical growth for the past few decades.

Poles must know their place

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nigga, we will bankrupt in a few years, we have literal communists in charge, throwing money away left and right

The answer is they fear him

id say its the western luxury life coropeted their soul

poles and pakis are two sides of the same coin

Do the English like anyone at all? Once they were allies, now they are cussing at each other. I'd much rather have slavic migrants instead of pakis, turks and maghrebs.



I hate all foreigners, they bring nothing but trouble.

The answer is quite simple:

>Be British
>Can't attack Muslims because scared ofbeing called racist islamophobe
>Can't attack blacks because scared of being called racist white supremacist
>Can't attack pajeets because scared of being called racist white supremacist
>Oh hey look a white non-British minority might as well lash out all my anger on them

>in other words, we get the trash.
As soon as the "gates of Europe" were opened our crime rates (including violent and non-violent ones) as well as unemployment rates plumetted.

Poland experienced it's fair share of brain drain but for every precious specialist we lost 1000 bydlos. It was all worth it in the end.

I think so
It's island nation mind

>mention poles
>in an instant poles and diaspora: "B-B-BUT PAKIS AND MUSLIMS ARE WOOOORSE"

every time, truly pathetic.

podparty (eng. based)


>he doesn't want defenders of white europe in his country
oy vey are you one of ((((((((((((((them)))))))))))))))???

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crime rates were falling way before that

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die inbreds

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>t. too much race mixing

t. polacks

don't like any foreign cunt simple as that

this. When I read stupid shit from westies I always assume it's pol*ck/roma/shituanian diaspora

Do brits hate bulgarians or poles more.
I'm talking about the general population of brits.

Because they are uncontrolled low-class immigrants who believe UK is their home.

They are hated in Poland too. BTW. We call them patologia z UK.

This is the correct answer

hate both equally

They hate Romanans/Bulgarians more. You're more or less a reason of Brexit.

Why shouldn't they?

Poland is for Poles
England is for English and Poles

>+super 3rd world labor environment

Polaks are like niggers,
>They fuck outside in the parks,
>they shit in the bushes,
>they drink alcohol and scream in the streets
>they are very violent and brutal

No one likes them, its true.

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>Why do Brits hate Poles?
Poles are mainly thieves. They're the number one foreign prison population in the UK for a reason.

EU east expansion was a big mistake.

if you can't handle us at our worst, then you don't deserve us at our best

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>Poles are mainly thieves

That fucking comes from a german.

lole, behing each together

poor people are more likely to (im)migrate for gibs? seems obvious. same here.

>at our best

Because most Brits are racist knuckdraggers who think they're the best in the world despite the fact outside London (which is basically a foreign colony and palace of Norman aristocracy) Britain has literally nothing to offer anyone.

People usually don't make much distinction between Eastern European immigrants because of the fact that to English speakers they have similar sounding languages, they're from former Eastern bloc countries, they immigrate for the same reasons and into the same industries. But people generally hate Bulgarians more on account of the fact that many "Bulgarians" are actually gypsies. My gf is Romanian and they have the same problem, worse still because gypsies are referred to by the politically correct term of "Romani" which many people think is the same or is shorthand for Romanian.

Why wouldn't they?

This is correct and it's statistically proven, our crime rates took a nosedive after entering Schengen. Sorry and thanks.

Now post the second graph with crime rate per capita, smartass

Nie zesraj siÄ™ atencjuszu

t. second rate polack

Everybody hates ashy P(r)*les

have sex

>politically correct term of "Romani"
That's their actual name.

We can openly be against Polish migration without because calling us racist.

Poles don't integrate and commit more crime, it's as simple as that really.

t. Mexico of Europe

>EU east expansion was a big mistake.
Maybe you should have actually stopped what caused them to be thieves (b*Lshevism)

>no russians


Why did they delete my thread?

Imagine having 1000 euro average wage, 3% unemployment rate and still trying to immigrate like a cockroach to countries that don't want you by the millions.
Polish immigrants must be the lowest of the low. I get why balkanites and mexicans do it, but their is pure polish greed.

1000 euro average is shit wage

Maybe if you must CONSUME PRODUCT at all times like a bot. For me it's fine.


I don't