How good are universities in your cunt?

screenshot and post itt

btw I applied to the two top universities in pic related but they both rejected me lmao

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one of the few things this cunt seems to do very well at internationally

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based. what is the university/college life in the UK like?

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They are so bad that they haven’t even been rated on that list.

guess it depends where you go, there are plenty of decent universities here but there are of course also meme tier ones as well in the shittier parts of the country

>left one high up in this list to go to one not even on this list

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140 or something. Me there btw.

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My high school science teacher went to MIT.

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I'm tired of screencapping,

23th Tokyo University
35th Kyoto University
58th Tokyo Institute Technology

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which ones lmao?
anyway I think the op list is a bit outdated to be fair. Most rankings i've seen recently (such as pic related) place them very differently

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113 was the highest

So where are you going then

Meme ranking, look at the methodology

but they are. pic related

and he ended up as a high school teacher. ngl sounds tragic unless he had a previous better job

I graduated high school 4 years ago and went to a shit college that I'm still in. I regret it though and I wish I joined the military instead. College, studying, research and all that shit is not for me man.

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Our universities are the best in the world. It's not even close.

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wacha doin in Korea, Nobita?

ok then just post a link to a better ranking if you know one

the US is also the best

based didn't expect this from Argentina desu

Le Mexique

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I don't know of any ranking that isn't utter trash. Picking criteria is mostly favouring certain education models. This one is even worse, since it uses "reputation" which isn't objective, and I didn't find who they took the data from, but this could also skew the results.

makes sense

i applied to the UAEU, got accepted, but decided i can't afford it. lole.

what did you intend to study? what are you doing now anyway

i got accepted into college of engineering.
i don't want to get doxxed or embarrass myself so i'm not going to say what i'm doing currently, sorry.

Not even on the list lmao

F. At least you gave the world Mexican Andy. Thanks a lot Guatemala.

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These rankings are honestly stupid because it takes into consideration things that are irrelevant to certain students. A bachelors student doesn't need to consider whether the university gets lots of PhD funding or has a good international faculty.

sorry I just clicked on the first link on google man. If you have a better ranking just post it

I'm in the first one btw

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UNAM and TEC are meme universities.

Some are quite good, but most Americans can't get into them, you need to be a basketball player to get in now

Prefer not to say but I'm now at what is universally considered a shit tier 'proper' uni
I think this chart seems way sillier than the other one, all charts are quite strange cause of weird criteria in reality but you and I can write a reasonably accurate one without really knowing details imo

>terrible infrastructure
>outdated curricula
>political brainwashing central
>foreigners out the ass
>most professors don't give a shit

>political brainwashing central
how so

Not amazing but not bad either

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I studied in the second one

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Pretty decent

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What a meme leaderboard

I really do think that they're underrated.
Yeah, the buildings are utter shit, but the professors are good, and the knowledge you get is legit.

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they are shit because the anglos known to love the french said so

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Complete uni guide is ridiculous. It focuses way to heavily on student satisfaction over entry standards, reputation and research quality.

For research in mechanical engineering, Lund and KTH are pretty top-tier 2bh.

This. I was shocked to find that the "American" University in Cairo(AUC), a meme-tier for-profit private uni, was ranked higher than Alexandria, Cairo, and Ain Shams.

Yeah, same thing here. The buildings for the higher unis here(Alex, Cairo, Assiut, and Ain Shams) are super old and kinda badly unkept but the professors are legit.

I have been to the Gulf myself and the unis there are equipped with some of the most advanced shit but the professors are all mediocre at best. Which reminds me of private universities here, whose students are almost all richfags.

my university is 160-170 on that list but is one of the top 3 universities in the world for the subject im in for grad school

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On a more reasonable ranking

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post the link plz thank you very much

Shanghai ranking is trash, they use very arbitrary shit like Nobels won, etc

cool thanks a lot

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I hate mainlander Eurofags complain about ranking but not even post the result so I post them instead.

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While it is a very coarse aspect of the classification, it is a good heuristic for the degree to which your university excels. Only the best places can churn out/employ Nobel laureates/Fields Medalists/Turing Award winners

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It really isn't. Brown only has 8 laureates and Dartmouth has 3. Meanwhile UIUC (which is a regular upper-tier state flagship university) has 33. At the top ~100 of the rankings, Nobel laureate numbers are a very poor metric to go by.

this might be the best list for britain ive seen tbqh, no coventry #2 or something weird

>LSE below all the redbricks

yeah fair enough there but most lists criminally underrate redbricks or even some better ones for meme reasons like rent prices in the city

Yeah guardian is particularly trash, this year UCL lost to three ex-polys on their rankings

wait are you that singaporean whos about to go to imperial or something

They're fucking garbage and I don't understand why anobody would want to stude here. We're behind shitholes like Malaysia, South Africa, Lebanon and Thailand, among many others

i was thinking of applying to Politecnico di milano for a masters degree, but not sure how a US employer or PhD program would view a foreign degree

I think this is because the ranking is focused on its performance as an overall institution. In cases of specialism (e.g. Loughborough for Sport Science, LSE for Economics, etc.) the subject specific rankings are more sensible.

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Yeah leaving in 2 weeks

Fair enough but for some subjects the ranking is still all over the place

>cato number 1
feels good

t. catholic BULL

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>Why yes, as a Swiss citizen, I actually did study at one of the 10 highest ranked universities in the world for 600 bucks a semester, how could you tell?

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Ive heard you get automatic acceptance to the masters if you do a bachelors there too, seems pretty based. I was thinking of applying there but dont really have money for living expenses

University is a meme unless stem and even stem is saturated.

>abortion bad
How so? Means less latinos in the world.

According to the website in the OP you have some decent universities

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I agree I wish after high school I joined the military instead of going to college. Fuck my life.

Should also mention KI and SSE, two world-class universities that aren't in the ranking because they're not general uni's


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