Wtf was wrong with him?

wtf was wrong with him?

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Manlet subhuman

there was nothing wrong with him thank you

his tummy hurt =(

Manlet cuck

He was a seething Italian

I mean, the man was 5 foot 7 (170cm) in a world full of 5 foot 5 people (165cm).

First of all, he was Corsican

He was fr*nch, stop trying to blame him on Italians.

He was a byproduct of "the enlightenment".
9/10 Europe would've been better without modernism.

A freemason. Let's not forget he allows the bankers to monopoly France's finance and let them control banque of france

He did 2 fatal diplomatic mistakes:

- Thinking imposing the civil code to a very religious Spain could work.
- Thinking Alexander I of Russia could be, unironically, his ally.

Should have listened Talleyrand.

My favourite painting

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Little Man Syndrome.

No wonder he was his favourite painter

3. Thinking he could best the Anglo in the long game.

>little man
>is taller than average

another victim of an*lo propaganda

Napoleon was a baddie, he was the Hitler of the 19th Century


Fuck angl*s too. Infact, fuck all who ever declared war on Sweden.

give Poland its treasures back, you fishpaste-slurping igloofaggots

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the 2 correct answers

The only """""""war""""""""" Sweden fought against the UK there were literally 0 casualities either side.

Fuck them. They should have left us alone

We didn't he just invade us?

He made him look cool and handsome, quite the achievement.

Trafalgar prevented him from being able to.

Actually we've been at war twice, we joined the Great Northern War on Russia's side about 10 seconds before it ended.

He wanted EU but in a violent way

Napoleon was objectivels based but I'm glad he lost because he fought for France

Absolutely nothing. In fact he was very based for making the treaty of Tilsit and allowing Russia to liberate Finland from Sweden.

He was too heroic.

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>france's national hero is an italian

Wish he did invade this shithole and got rid of the cunt windsors and their norman pawns

True, they seem like a very minor player though because they were focused on the War of the Spanish Succession.

>france's national hero is a corsican
ftfy :^)

he was based fuck england

>no one has ever heard of uruguay's national hero

>fuck England

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you heard what i said

You should notice 3 things in that image
1. The UK is joined by literally every country in Europe other than the Ottomans
2. Denmark is a part of this Coalition.
3. How much of a fuck up can you be when SWITZERLAND, who didn't even wage war against Hitler when it was obvious Germany would lose, sides against Napoleon.

he died all alone in paraguay. we don't care about him.

>In the face of losing their power and status, monarchs of europe side together to salvage their privilege

t. N*ples


He won the moral victory.

Oh yes, another baiter.

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stop with this horrible "average height" meme. even tolstoy explicitly calls him a MANLET in war and peace, and he was known in his early years as "the little sergeant"

Why are you so mad about him being Italian? We swedes have French monarchs yet we don't give a fuck


Allegedly he fucked his little sister

>Napoleon was Italian
how so, his parents were born and raised in corsica in a time where italy was divided into monarchies, there were no italy feeling back then everybody was caring for his tiny piece of land only and even talked different dialects, your monarchs were french, put there in place because you were too weak.

>there were no italy feeling back
plenty of Italians dreamt about Italy unification before Napoleon

and before i had sex for the first time i dreamed to fuck girls, doesn't mean i wasn't a virgin.

you had a straight feeling

He was literally Italian, as if Corsica wasnt Italian enough his family actually moved their from Tuscany
Literally Italian
Also Charlemagne was German

He had to rely on the French

he fucked your princess Maria 'a quicky for my duchy' Walewska
your whore princess would get on her knee and suck his nasty salty filthy dick so he would free your shithole

>his family actually moved their from Tuscany
>Literally Italian
lmao, his family moved to corsica almost 2 centuries before he was even born, that would make you nigger a fucking kraut lmao

>didn’t know that water can put out fire
>didn’t know what are supply lines

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in effect, corsica je italia

no, in effect corsica is an island that built its own culture from the continent, does it have similarities with italian culture ? sure it does, but it's not the same, and btw you're not itlaian because one of your far ancestor was from italy mainland, you're a dirty mutt living in america

no one in my family line has ever been italian, or of that peninsula

at best it's possible there would have been an auxiliary in the army of the roman empire

>no one in my family line has ever been italian

how would you even know, mutt?

because I have family records that go back to the 14th century :^), and numerous relatives have taken the genetic meme test

is it really that funny to look and sound stupid in your own mother tongue interacting with foreign people, is this the "power" of anglo culture ?

I don't know, I don't speak French.

>he thinks you're french because some papers told you so
Letme guess, Ngubu is more french than me because he's a better patriot

yeah it's just your brain under anglo 'culture" i believe

this frog is SEETHING lads

yeh ngubu is more french than you if he and his family are here since generations while you're a fresh newcomer from the balkans.

>muuuh seething
i'm actually old enough to not find your kid tier behaviour any fun or informative paki, it's just anglo flags complaining in their own mediocrity once again

Sorry but nope. And go back to where you came from.

>Be Napoleon
>Be surrounded by soldiers who are supposed to be above average
>Get height distorted by angl*s due to their necessity to distort anything in their favor and most people naturally accepting propaganda upon looking at a comparison between Napoleon and taller than average soldiers.

is it that funny to behave like a retard on a foreign board for unfunny bantz ?

The state of you itt. Ngubu is more french than me, ok buddy, I leave now because you seem to have a big thing for your banter safe space.

>The state of you itt.
because i said you fresh balkan migrants aren't french but ngubu living here since generations is way more than you ? should i conform into a behaviour that will not trigegr your autism ?

Let it go I said I was leaving now

then leave back to your filthy country and stop giving free (You) then dirty migrant scum

Firstly, I said allegedly
Secondly, Calm down Muhammad. It's really so important question for you?

hes chris chan

Why are the only intelligent, based and correct answers from the Chad Brown Muslim former British colonies?

The rest of the posters are either wh*toids or mutts with wh*te admixture

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