Why is Spain extremely popular as a tourist place?

Why is Spain extremely popular as a tourist place?


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Better than inferior societies and countries but it's best none know.

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Northern Europeans go there to escape their cold cloudy shitholes

Stupidly cheap, always sunny, within Europe, was accessible during a time when the world was much more walled off, first to develop mass tourism.

It's cheap.

So is east Europe and italy

Italy isn't cheap and doesn't have the same levels of infrastructure for massive beach holiday tourism.
It's better to compare to Turkey.

Idgaf, i wish there were no tourists at all so we were forced to base our economy on other things such as high tech industry, instead of basing our economy on drunk brits that jump off balconies

>instead of basing our economy on drunk brits that jump off balconies

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>So is east Europe
East Europe used to be seen as too foreign not too long ago, people are flocking into Croatia already. Greece is also popular, but can't compete with Spain due to its size.

Not as cheap as Spain. We mostly get old tourists and families.

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Why is spain so dangerous?

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Because it's like Africa but safer.

stop ruining our holidays filthy fuckin dagos

>plenty of beaches
>nice climate
>good food
>diverse culture and many different traditions and festivities

All in all I don't mind tourism, but it's already reaching a tipping point where I live due to overcrowding and general lack of respect for the natives and the environment.

brits pls

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Summer and beaches is a nigger tier thing, that's why you see so many drunk violent subhumans in hot shitholes like ASSPAIN

Everybody in Europe loves Spain because of 1 thing

they banned UK tourists

Italy also lacks proper beach tourism I'd say. Most people visit the lakes, Tuscany or the cities.
Meanwhile the top 3 vacation spots in Spain are the costas, the Canaries and the Balearics.

it has its own wikipedia article its no meme

>In 2018, theForeign Officeteamed up withSpanishsurgeon,Juan José Segura-Sampedroto run a campaign of video messages to British tourists heading to theBalearic Islandsduring the summer.[10]RTÉalso made a special program where a doctor,fromMallorcaparticipated.[11]
>Despite these campaigns, "balconing" is still a problem and various hotels in the Balearic Islands have been forced to implement measurements against it, like closing their balconies or building taller walls around them.Magalufhas been forced to regulate drinking in an attempt to control reckless behaviour, including but not limited to balconing. It has also introduced heavy fines for the practice of balconing, of between €750 and €1,500.[12]

>sunny +300 days/year
>plenty of beaches, nice islands
>very cheap when compared to central/north europe
>very close to such places (~3h flight at most) >part of the EU, no visa or ID problems whatsoever for EU tourists

Spain as a touristic place is like a cheaper version of France but with better beaches.

I think tourism to France is pretty outdated. It was only relevant in a time when flying was seen as something extraordinay and (southern) France was just the closest to the wealthy parts of Europe that resembled a sunny beach setting.
With airplanes and better road network in Europe I hardly ever hear of people still going to France outside of a visit to Paris. I'm sure the same people that went there 40 years ago still do, but the younger generations don't care anymore since Spain is closer today than France was 30 years back.

can't wait for brexit for actually good tourists. I remember meeting a couple from norway who told me that the only thing they didn't like was the british tourists.

Because it's right next to France so it's a cheap place to travel after visiting France since usually tourists can just take a bus there.
Also because French don't visit their country.

>Italy also lacks proper beach tourism I'd say.
Eh, I don't know about that, it's just different, it's not low-cost tourism. Compare Sardinia or Liguria to the Valencian coast or the Balearics. We also didn't allow shit like Benidorm.

Sicily and Calabria could be much more developed if they had the infrastructure though.

Don't forget the amazing service Argentinian waitress provide


That's what I meant with beach tourism. Endless rows of commieblocks, shitty bars/restaurants and some airport nearby.
Even Sardinia doesn't compare to say Mallorca at all. In a good way

>Because it's right next to France so it's a cheap place to travel after visiting France since usually tourists can just take a bus there.
People avoid France when going to Spain because of their toll roads. Spain has RyanAir connections literally everywhere from Cadiz to Bilbao. You can fly there for €30

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>tfw we could have had the monopoly of high-end beach tourism if France didn't take Corsica from us

>Endless rows of commieblocks, shitty bars/restaurants and some airport nearby.

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Crimini is an exception to the rule and in all honestness it's perhaps the worst beach resort town in Europe.

based witty Dutchman

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This is also true. Spain has more airports than France and Germany together

>can't wait for brexit for actually good tourists.

You dont know how many properties are bought by the British in Spain, possibly we will be one of the countries most affected by Brexit.

>possibly we will be one of the countries most affected by Brexit.

Are our tourists as bad as the brits?

Just because there's a bumch of umbrellas on the beach makes it mass tourist destination. I have never heard of people going to Jesolo. Maybe for a day after visiting Venice.
But Rimini is well known.
Didn't even make it up myself. We met some Dutch people there who had all their shit stolen at some point, and in the 2 days we were there a friend of mine also had his wallet stolen there.

2bh user's point still stands, Jesolo and Rimini (and any other beach resorts like those) are mainly filled with Italians and are not among major destinations for foreigners (except the Germans I guess). They don't need to cater to foreigners as they are already full.

the Spanish financial sector that works there, also movistar bought O2 in UK, you don't know shit

Yes youtube.com/watch?v=id5mrdT9ojk

no, there is nothing equally worse

Not in Italy, but you're everywhere, especially in the north-east. I legit would have thought that Trient were german-speaking if I didn't know already that it wasn't.

>always sunny
Not if you go to the Northern part
Why not both things?
>1st world country
>like Africa
¡Cállate, animal!
Go and jump from a balcony, you subhuman
>Implying beaches is the only thing Spain offers
>they banned UK tourists
I wish...

most German tourists are alright EXCEPT for Majorca

I went to Valencia and found only drunk Brits and Spaniards.

I don't disagree, but we also have those and yes they are filled with germans. It's a good thing that it's not as widespread in italy as it is in spain

>Are our tourists as bad as the brits?
the Germans I've met in Madrid, are usually shy

only in Mayorca

Spain must offer quality tourism, if you offer shit, you get shit.

video related

I've met those underclass British holidaymakers and they are really a vile bunch of hardly people.
Nothing compares to what I've seen. Completely sunburned obese fucks getting hammered at 14:00 with their fat wives and some fucking babystroller parked next to them.

BTW one major point that no one mentioned is that Spain's population density is very focused on the coast, which would make its beach tourism development easier to attain. Compare to Italy or France that don't have many major cities along the coast (especially France)

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Northern Spain looks damm pretty and aesthetic. Is there filled with tourists? I’m looking forward to traveling there and southern France.

They're not really good, for example Lignano Sabbiadoro gets loads of drunken Austrians/German "tourists" who do shit up the place, especially during Pentecost.
Al least they're not as violent as Brits, from what I hear; we luckily don't get many of those

Here come dat shills

>Is there filled with tourists?
very few


there is tourism but it doesn't compare to mediterranean Spain.

>Summer and beaches is a nigger tier thing, that's why you see so many drunk violent subhumans in hot shitholes like ASSPAIN
a lot of argentines work in tourism in Spain , boludo

Funny that even our plebs conquer you

What is food scene in northern Spain? Is it similar to southern France?

seafood and ham like all of Spain + some meme cheeses

>Is there filled with tourists?
Only the coastal areas with easy beach access (like my hometown). It's sad not being able to go to a beach near your house because it's literally filled to the brim with tourists.

Beware of Bilbao.

Manly Galicia. Rest has few.

>What is food scene in northern Spain?
it has Pintxos, it's similar to tapas

This picture captures my feelings towards northern Spain. It looks like from an another planet. Might be prettier than northern Italy.

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If you wanna see that you better just go to Switzerland in summer.

Northern Spain is like Southern Brazil - they think they are white.

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Galicia (seafood manly), Asturias (a mix seafood/meats), Cantabria (Idk). Basque Country (Pintxo Culture, Asadores,etc)

Affordable, nice weather, nice beaches, nice food and qutie a lot to sightsee.
And if your are rather into hard degenerate parties then Mallorca or Ibiza.

>they think they are white.
We don't

The only ones close to the brits are the chinese.

Not just nature but architecture too. If there are few tourists, I would definitely go in the next 5years.

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you can take a flight to Madrid and then the fast train to Victoria-Gasteiz or Bilbao

a lot of tourists do it


Galicia is known as the Kentucky of Spain and the people are very stupid. So many left to South American that Gallego is a slang term for anyone from Spain

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the most successful business owner of Spain if from Galicia though

pls no bully

Spain has a massive inferiority complex when it comes to actual Euro countries, and this condition manifests itself by them being submissive and self hating.

There is no train to Gasteiz I think I wanted to make that trip and they had me go through Bilbao

oh yeah the eternal brit keep doing the divide and conquest strategy since 18th century

why is the spanish central western coast so sparsely populated?

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Having just returned from a holiday in the south of Portugal, I witnessed quite a lot of this myself. Absolutely horrid looking fat British people waddling down the cobblestone streets smashed in the late afternoon talking loudly and just being rowdy in general.

I don't mind them being that way as long as they don't become a nuisance for the other tourists, which more often than not isn't the case.

Exotic for ypipo, cheap bear and sunny. That’s it.

I've never been in vasque country, but don't you actually have to individually pay for the pintxos? or is it like some places in andalusia where you only pay for the drink but can also choose whatever pintxo you want to come along with it?

In Europe, all the way down to the 18th centuries there has been a trend of "orientalization" of Spain, in the sense of making it seem this mystical, weird and backwater place detached from Europe.

While Great Britain, France and Germany (the HRE) were "embracing" modernity and liberalism (not really but eh that's the gist of it), Spain seemed to actively fought against it. And then a bunch of brit/french travelers traveled around Spain and wrote chronicles about the weirdness and retardation (but they wrote it as something worth seeing, kind of like they did with Qing China) of the country that became best sellers.
Then in the 20th century Spain became even more exotic because, together with Portugal, it was the only place were fascism still survived.

So through all of this I assume that Spain, to most tourists, looks like a place that's both exotic and safe. A country that's more African than European, but still has European levels of safety.

Together with that we have good food, good weather, a ton of beach, and some huge cities.

Why do our mutts and non Euros living in Spain define us but not other euro nations?
Andalucians ain't Spanish but roccan simple as

I thought they werent huge fans of non-Sardinians whether Italian or foreign.

>grids of umbrellas
Do the people there have Germanic ancestry or something?

>We met some Dutch people there who had all their shit stolen at some point, and in the 2 days we were there a friend of mine also had his wallet stolen there.
I've honestly never been to a tourist place that bad. I've been to some hellholes for work though.

>major cities along the coast (especially France)
They have marseilles

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not salento

Enormous amount of gigantic hotels along their coasts.