Sunday lunch time edition

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>see fat tits
>look at thread
>it's /med/

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>lunch time

Iranian girl?

Probably? I'm not sure.

looks like her. Great tits either way.

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Never wish for a big tiddy goth gf because that mean that you only want her to be meaty inthe tiddy area. A Gothicc gf is the real deal.

Great everything tbqh

My eyes fell on her tits.


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For me, it's Luna

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Slow day?

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The usual.


what is going on between israle and lebanon?

each one is trying to steal the other cunt's qts

dunno. what is?

bump. I have to go for dinner now.

Why yes, I do think Alice is the most beautiful girl in the entire world, what gave it away?

Is this phenotype common in Italy?

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back off from the remove button, janny.

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Good month, gentlemen. How is everybody?

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>tfw there's a traditional game in danger of dying which is only played by a couple of men in a Gozitan town.
Hi fren.

Tell us more lad

>tfw there's a traditional game in danger of dying which is only played by a couple of men in a Gozitan town.
expand of the subject

Today the news was very slow so national TV's news bulletin was mostly trivial stuff. They reported on this game,
called Brilli which is only played by a couple of men in the town of Għarb. The game need to be played by at least 5 people.
The game plays like this; you have 9 cones(brilli) which are assigned different points each and the objective is to
knock them down with a ball and amass 24 points. The way it's played it's rather similar to bocce or bowling.

Here's a vid of them playing.

Oh, when I read your initial post I thought it was a dangerous game, hence why not much people played it.

I'd share the article that was written and the news feature with it but they're in Maltese.

No no the game itself is in danger of dying, not the game being dangerous.

I think I found the article. Who wouldn’t love to play a game from the era of the Knights, man? Hopefully it makes it to the cultural heritage list


Yeah, that's the one. They must've uploaded the English version just now because at the time of writing the post it wasn't available. It seems to be like a comfy way to spend some time with friends. Unfortunately today's streets, unless you live
in a small and remote town like Għarb, are not so safe to be playing in them but I think that there can be a way to keep it

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