Is depression an actual thing? I can’t comprehend how and why you can be depressed...

Is depression an actual thing? I can’t comprehend how and why you can be depressed. It is like a totally foreign thing to me. Can any user explain what a depression is like?

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it's like feeling bad, dude

>Is depression an actual thing?
No. It’s laziness.
t. told myself for years I was depressed and shit until I force myself to left my comfort zone

its what first world wh*teoids say to "suffer" in their easy mode life

It's ypipo thing, Asians won't get it

What is it like feeling bad? Is it like when you have a flu?

its a not just being sad its a feeling of absolout hopelessness and despair, you will always feel shit about yourself and everything and lose the will to live and always have the disre to kill yourself

I have bad news for you

It is. It's not just being sad, it's often compared because it sound similar, but it's totally different. It's more like being tired all the time. At some you get tired of being tired and it becomes horrifying. It is a mental illness and it has no cure, j*wpills are a scam.

t. depressed chronically since 14

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OP again. White people and some Asians are always taking about being depressed that they need drugs(Xanax, cocaine, mergers). I literally cannot understand and keep up with current culture. Why do you need drugs? Why don’t you try meditation or go to a convent?

Oh, and also anhedonia is a thing. Imagine when you can't feel pleasure most of the rime. Every single bit of it becomes precious because it's so rare.

Sorry to hear that user. So you feel tired? That’s interesting. Can it be cured?

Not an argument
People die when they feel like shit, it's not a disease because everyone feels like shit for at least some time
And as for the ones that claim they have the diseases, they're making it up so they can get money from government, firm or parents
What's so hard about living, especially when you can choose to die any time?

if you want to know what it's like I made a thread because I'm unwell now and it's crickets over there because nobody cares and I just fall deeper and you'll ignore this too probably...

Its a proxyfag pretending to be jap episode.

>Is depression an actual thing?
>Can any user explain what a depression is like?
Have you ever felt bad? now imagine feeling bad constantly for absolutely no reason
It's basically an illness, some people are more genetically prone to depression than others

I can't tell if posters ITT are serious or not

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>Can it be cured
some people can be cured but some people like me are just one of those cases where nothing really helps
I mean I tried many different medications and they help out for sure but they never CURE your depression 100%
it seems you have no idea what you are talking about but its okay you never experienced it
and btw its a chemical inbalance so it is a real disease but you are right some people just make things up

You cant force a mental dysfunction to go away, much like you cant force a broken bone to heal, idiot.

I've only see true depression once. My sister went numb from day to another, refused to leave bed, said that she wanted to die etc and all without a reason. It lasted for 6 months or so

Depression is literally just brain inflammation, stop eating like shit and stop breathing in environmental toxins.

Depression is fucking horrible, I'd rather have chronic pain than feel like I did during my worst depressive episode for the rest of my life.

Your entire country is a proxyfag pretending to be European episode though
Not even close to serious tbqh
I feel sorry for people who suffer from 1st world fake diseases, even if it is fake
Then tell me how it's different from feeling like shit every day

nip suicides are due to muh salaryman honoru not depression

Wow that sounds horrible. How did/does depression affect your life?

This. You feel just exhausted. It's a lot less storms and a lot more just overcast all the time. It just feels grey if that makes sense. You take hardly any pleasure from anything, even the things you love. You just feel empty and tired and 99% of things you try to cheer yourself up doesn't cheer you up. It's just a slowly sinking ship until you give up and want just to be done.

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Its not, but an interesting perspective for sure.

Ok sure, it's like, you have hopes and dreams and boom you don't care anymore. Also your brain doesn't get dopamine and serotonin.

But if your brain get enough of serotonin and dophamin and nora adrenalin you are will be fine no matter how fucked you are.

Memes aside, suicide rate among young ages in Japan is pretty low.

also this

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Depression is a psychofysiological state into which a person develops, either as a result of an acute tragedy or a long-going state of neglect and insecurity. Therefore (imo) large part of clinically depressed are simply the result of unhappy childhoods: neglect, abuse, insecurity, helplessness. Depression is the inability to see a future in which the subject wants to live. It is like hopelessness overdrive. Arguably it is a more adaptive response to lifes absurdity than for example becoming a psychopath, which is another route that can be taken from these circumstances.

Post a whole article it is more than that. Talk about antidepressants.

Psychopaths can get depressed too.

You can't be happy. You don't enjoy tings you used to. You don't feel like you'd enjoy anything again.

>Why don’t you try meditation or go to a convent?
Meditation is placebo, if not doing it right. Monastery is fucked up place. Worse than conscripted army in North Korea.

Go to India and get high. lol

just take shrooms lmao

Not sure what you mean by posting an article (are you taking the piss?).

Since depression is a psychofysiological state, it can be tried to tackle either through therapy or through medicine. Both, preferrably. The subject owns a myriad of opinions and experiences which are different from the norm, and these can be tackled in therapy. The subject also owns a different brain chemistry than the norm, and this can be tackled through antidepressants. The success of any particular antidepressant is up for debate, articles can be found from Google Scholar etc.

Asians tend not to be drug addicted or they even rarely use antidepressant.

He got a point.

Just get drunk lmao

I drank half a litre of vodka in 2 hours yesterday

Sure, and the term "psychopath" is also not a clinical term anymore, if I understand correctly. Basically it just means a person who has been through a lot of shit, and therefore gives less fucks about anything.

Same here user. I have no idea how I could end up in a state of depression desu. Some people seem to be depressed for very mundane reasons to me but I respect the fact that what I think is harmless can be very damaging nonetheless for someone else. However I can't wrap my head around what could have a psychological impact deep enough to make me depressed

Finland has a rich experience to fight with depression. It Is not mostly about of alcohol and energetic drinks, but physical trainings.

I am unsure what you mean by that, and not entirely certain that youre not trolling. Yes, Finland has a rich history with depression, and also resilient people as a result of that. No, alcohol and energy drinks are not the sole reason (of course) for mental dysfunctions. What do you mean by physical trainings and how does it relate to clinical depression?

Felt like shit, is part depression too. Why do you think suicide forest exist The Aokigahara?

>What do you mean by physical trainings and how does it relate to clinical depression?
Yes physical trainings produce hormones give a purpose, but it's not a panacea. Ah yes not going to trolling or something.

Pic related I guess

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real depression

meme depression

be gay and your depression go away!

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Sphincter loose? Get the noose.

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it's a blanket term that covers a lot of things