Xanax and alcohol during pregnancy is totally ok and doesn't harm the baby. Look at how healthy my baby is today

>Xanax and alcohol during pregnancy is totally ok and doesn't harm the baby. Look at how healthy my baby is today

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She still qt

I wanna cum on her face
also, quads checked

you would fuck a chimpanzee if it had blonde hair

The fuck you just say?

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she looks very british

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Is she part of the eternal anglo conspiracy to destroy human civilization?

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based thread

>16 years old
At first I thought she was like 11, 12.

>Stop burning coal, you're going to cause a mass extinction event!

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No I wont fuck you

She’s going to be burning lots of coal in New York

>Stop burning coal, you're causing white genocide!

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She's just Nordic.

that pan face mongoloid look isn't common in the uk

nice 1

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maybe her only reason to go there?

Not even slightly

no she doesn't
if I had to guess I would guess danish

I have never heard of this bitch until you fags started spamming her and today I dreamed I was fucking her.

Why does she trigger autists so much?

Who is paying for her trips and other expenses?

LITERAL children are being treated like their opinion matters

the opinion of the average 12-year old matters more than the opinion of the average boomer anyway

>16 year olds are still children!

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Nobody paid the boat and nobody expected her to, I haven't checked who pays for her hotel room in NYC but if I had to guess she's having a gofundme or something similar.

So the boat and crew was a donation? No crew will sail for free, somebody had to pay for the trip

Because a girl can look like her and easily have sex while 9/10 guys have a hard time

How dumb are you exactly, just make a google search.
>no crew will sail for free
This one did.

>daily Greta thread
She receives more attention on this board than Merkel.

Why would anyone care about your Polish hag? fuck off

you have 4 types of people who hate her
>boomers who don't believe in climate change
>edgy contrarian fags who hate anything popular
>edgy accelerationist fags
>normal people who criticize her for
(1) placing a disproportionate emphasis on individual carbon footprint reducement as opposed to massive conglomerates responsible; (2) having a simplistic approach that doesn't take into consideration economic, technological, and sociological impacts; and (3) the fact that the movement is being applauded by virtue-signaling weirdos and neoliberals who love polluting the planet rubs people the wrong way, since it diminishes the reputation of climate change activism as autistic mean children are the only ones who care

Media and corporations

I don't think that a world-famous girl who is dedicating her life to the survival of humanity cares what a bunch of 25 year old NEETS on a Japanese cartoon pornography website say about her

t. Greta

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>Why would anyone care about the most powerful woman in the world?

Fuck off weeb shit

Kill yourself texan nigger


>Stop committing sins, you're going to incur the wrath of g-d!

She looks very German

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