Taiwan is governed by a state separate from the people's republic of china

>taiwan is governed by a state separate from the people's republic of china
>t. literally anyone
>no it's not that's a lie we're in control of taiwan all photos depicting the legislative yuan in session are fake REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
>t. the government of the people's republic of china
When are those pussies in the government of the PRC gonna start taking control over Taiwan from the government they claim don't exist so that the world will stop having to hear about their monthly autistic screeching?

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Hopefully never.
Fuck the PRC
Fuck emperor Xi the Pooh
Fuck chinks
Fuck jannies

>When are those pussies in the government of the PRC gonna start taking control over Taiwan
Would've happened already if America didn't keep propping it up despite not formally recognizing it. So maybe the real question should be when are Western pussies going to stop being afraid of the PRC and just formally recognize Taiwan as an independent and sovereign nation?

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never, KMT will outlast CCP, they are never getting Taiwan, all that money to change name to Chinese Taipei and other dreamland fake bullshit is just that bullshit

Hopefully soon
Praise the PRC
Praise chairman Xi
Praise Chinese people
Fuck those faggot jannies in the ass because they think men's nipple is nsfw

why do gigantic blobs like China and Russia care about tiny flakes of clay so much?

What does this image symbolize?

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>says the country that annexed Hawaii and legally binded itself to Taiwan and Israel's defense

easy, let me explain, imagine you are a super power or very close to it and imagine you previously had lands that you controlled for hundreds of years, now imagine losing those lands AND theyre independent, normally in 19th century you could conquer such small people, but in modern times of alliances and weapons and etc, its impossible without getting hit harder than 2 nukes on Japan, so countries like Russia will seethe for Baltics and China will seethe for Taiwan

Hawaii was annexed in 1898

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The "people's" "republic" of "china" never controlled Taiwan.

Evil empire of USA threatening the peaceful nation of Zhonghua and it's leader, Chairman Xi

You realize if that happened the world economy would crash right? If the US recognized Taiwan, the PRC would almost immediately cut all trade and economic ties. It would be pretty bad.

nah, since literally every country in Western Europe has lost territory to a neighbor within recent history and doesn't give a shit about it, I think it's mostly just a impoverished shithole thing

well in their mind they did, something about 5k culture/history etc, also they are autistic enough to believe all chinese are under CCP, be their asian american or wherever, still such schizophrenic beliefs make them seethe harder and harder

He's right though, under their 'One China' policy it doesn't matter if you're Chinese American or not, you're still Chinese, and you have a responsibility to support the mainland and regain it's 'lost' territory. According to the government, any land that any dynasty ever held rightfully belongs to China. It's ridiculous.

Chinese companies depend on Taiwanese ones (Foxconn), its iffy if they could successfully pull off a full scale invasion and if they did they would basically have to destroy the island.


>You realize if that happened the world economy would crash right?

If you cared about that, you wouldn't have started the trade war. Might as well go all in at this point.

Oh it's because you're a Zhang, now it all makes sense. Keep shilling for the CCP.

Chinks are pathetic insectoids.

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>late 19th century
>early 21st century
Yeah totally comparable

>"defense treaty" that doesnt actually require the U.S. to intervene
>wanting to invade and overthrow a government
Yeah again totally comparable

Yeah the US would invade and overthrow a democratically elected government

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>get BTFO by facts and logic
Kek everytime.

... would never invade * ....

>>late 19th century
>>early 21st century
>Yeah totally comparable
Yeah America was based back then, now it just sucks. Go back to being based instead of whining all the time.

What kind of autistic shit is this? Who do you think these Chinese Americans support?

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What facts? You didn't offer any facts at all. You can keep trying to misdirect but it's not gonna work. You should ask for a higher wage.

>democratically elected government
When did that happen?

In all of these threads you rarely offer facts it's either trolling or party propaganda.

from memory:
venezuela last year
honduras in 2008
haiti in 2004
chile in the early 70s
guatemala in the 50s
and that's just the ones I can recall right now

venezuelas election were shady as fuck though and most probably rigged
you are right on chile
idk about the rest

>"D-Dude we can't recognize Taiwan, that would fuck up the global economy..."
>"You're already trying to decouple your economy from China's economy so what do you have to lose? Just rip that bandaid already."

Pathetic. Come back when you're ready to rumble like Commodore Perry did with Japan.

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The People's Republic of China will propel humanity into prosperity against the reactionaries of the West. China has forever been the forefront of humanity, and it will soon regain its rightful place. Those who oppose the People's Republic of China are dooming themselves.
The Imperialists of Japan will face the People's Republic's wrath.
The Separatists of Taiwan will soon be reunited with the People's Republic.
The Reactionaries of Tibet will be crushed by the weight of the Party.
The South China Sea shall remain part of China.
The Agents of the West in Hong Kong will be crushed for their treason.
And the American Imperialist Dogs will soon be destroyed from within.
Praise be to the People's Republic and the Communist Party!
Long Live the People's Republic of China!

>venezuela last year
Neither invaded or a democratically elected government
>honduras in 2008
That was 2009 and a couple by their army
>haiti in 2004
Viter fraud. UN forces led by u.s. convince the "president" to leave. No invasion
>chile in the early 70s
CIA supported the couple but dod not instigate nor actively take part. No invasion nor was it the government as a whole supporting the coupe
>guatemala in the 50s
Really reaching into the depths if the cold war but yes the CIA did that one but still it wasnt an invasion
I realize as a PRC shill your concepts of democratic and election will be warped but you should at least understand invasion since China itself has done it multiple times since WW2 while pretending it doesn't.

Chile the CIA only supported it with intel from the sidelines, it was a homegrown coupe. Honduras was 100% the CIA though.

You funded death squads in Nicaragua to do that.

jesus christ are you literally braindead lmao

>use facts
>must be brainwashed
Yeah I'm the brainwashed one. Not the person who doesnt understand words like democratic, invasion or not even involved.

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Nice freudian slip dumbass
Please enlighten me as to which twisted definitions of "democratic", "invasion" and "not even involved" you use to justify your country's terrorism

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chinks are such fragile pussybois

they're still crying cause we sold them some heroin like 150 years ago lmaoooooooo

Haha yeah the only thing more pussified than that would be if someone gave up a prosperous territory to them in 1997 when they were even weaker than they are now lmao.

You forgot Iran.

i think having your own territory confiscated for 99 years by a tiny island on the other side of the world is infinitely more pussified than a fucking lease expiring.

that's a korean dude

Based and redpilled.

Kill all chicoms

>"Th-The lease expired... we had no choice! We couldn't even give the people of Hong Kong a path to British citizenship because we had to make way for all the pakis, you see a-and..."
Translation: Even back then you already knew you couldn't prevent them from taking it back by force. Otherwise you would've gone full Falklands on their ass. Face it, you dismantled the last true vestige of your empire because you were scared of a third world communist shithole.

this and no one pointed out it before you did.
you must be the first chinese itt.

I wish the cccp weren't stuck in the past. without that of course they would cease to exist. They don't belong in the 21st century.

It is not about controlling it, it is about dismantling the country your ancestors gave you, and Taiwan was formally annexed around 1600.
And considering that there are a lot of family with family members on both sides, it wouldn't make sense to break the one china policy.

Taiwanese are "chinks" themselves, retard.

Taiwan is the truest expression of the evolution of Chinese culture today, what pass for China on the mainland is the dregs of a foreign system imported from a failed state of europeans.

When we say "chinks", we're talking about all yellow slanted-eyed subhumans.

Literally the opposite. The CCP is based on the historical concept of mandate of heaven while taiwan became democratic because it was the hipster thing back then.

their system has no soul

don't be stupid, communists destroyed all traditions and replaced it with McDonalds tier crap

What traditions specifically?

read a book


chang detected

Based pootogal

So you can't name even one by yourself, gotcha.

Reading frightens you ? No wonder you lost to the lifeless British Empire

>implying communism wasn’t the hipster thing back then

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Why is China so insecure

Precisely because I can read is that I don't fall for your cop-out tactic of linking a wikipedia article after getting called out on your mutthurt sensationalist "communists destroyed all traditions" claim.

>No official statistics have ever been produced by the Communist party in terms of reporting the actual cost of damage

I think he's (quite correctly) pointing out that your claim that Taiwan is "the truer form of China" is a complete asspull based on the fact that you like Taiwan more because it's a liberal democracy. If anything that makes Taiwan even less Chinese. And when he challenged you to name even one tradition Taiwan kept alive that China doesn't, you couldn't. Probably because you know China is more proud of its history than Taiwan and celebrates it on the regular.

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China is a lie.

Go suck communist police state dick, lel.

>venezuela last year

Don’t you find it a bit weird China has smaller number of UNESCO world heritage sites although it is much larger than Italy and its culture is the oldest continuous culture in the world?
Where could have all these historic sites have gone..?
Surely the fact that the graves of at least three of the most revered people by Chinese were all destroyed under one political incident is irrelevant to this.

oh dear

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>t. Private Rodriguez
Last I checked, the Forbidden Palace and the Great Wall are still around. Along with a fuck ton of other historical sites and cities. Japan would've had more too but America firebombed and nuked them. But keep pretending you care about heritage sites.

kys, imbecile

>>t. Private Rodriguez
Actually, your English sounds more natural than mine so this accusation swings back to you lol. Dumbass sexpat, damn.
>Last I checked, the Forbidden Palace and the Great Wall are still around
Because a big fucking palace and a big fucking wall remaining means all historic sites across China are intact? Lol ok

>your English sounds more natural than mine
That's because I'm educated and you were dumb enough to join the service lmao. Enjoy your endless boredom followed by suicide. If I'm a sexpat that means I'm white so my authority supersedes yours. Suck it moo cow.

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>That's because I'm educated
Not really, you don’t “educate” yourself on languages. If anything, a short real life experience beat years with books.
>If I'm a sexpat that means I'm white so my authority supersedes yours.
of course you are white trash haha

>you don’t “educate” yourself on languages
>of course you are white trash haha

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>haha i am busted and out of arguments so i should just post le silly face xd

The PRC is far more keen on rewriting it's country's history. It also is keen on erasing Chinese cultures in favour of uniformization, which which was a common plot for dynastic states transitioning into modern nation-states (through the invention of a new identity which is projected pastward). Taiwan has recently shifted towards protecting it's indigenous peoples, a nice shift into recognizing the nations as they exist rather than nation-building.


The only indigenous culture it cares about is gay marriage.

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