Did 6 million Poles really die?

Japan had a 8 year long-term war against China, which transitioned into a 4 year total war against the US.
Japanese war death is estimated to be between 2 million and 3 million.
The estimated number doesn't seem like a stretch, given that the US carpet-bombed everywhere during the last 2 years of the war.

How could 6 millions of Polish so easily die? This number is dubious.
I guess it's just another hoax to demonize Germany.

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The Allies heavily promoted atrocity propaganda in WW1, like "German soldiers bayoneted a baby and raped women in Belgium."
They just followed suit with WW2, "Japanese soldiers bayoneted a baby and raped women in Nanking."
Even this day, brainlets fall for these fake and gay atrocity stories.

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Because japan was never under 5 years of german occupation.

Do we need to nuke you again? Shut the fuck up, brainlet.

at least half of you gooks should have died

My 2 cent advice, Germany people should be more aware of number exaggeration.
We don't ever believe what chinks/gooks say, because they are inferior subhumans, compared to us Japanese.
IIRC, Nanking exaggeration was already memed (GORILLION-like) on 2ch in the early '00s.

Wtf Bulgarians were useless in ww2

A thread about Nanking exaggeration in 2005. This thread is very old.
Japanese intellectuals have always making fun of chinks/gooks, because they are subhuman insects.


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They probably counted jews as poles but yeah its bullshit

Shut the fuck up zipperhead.

Killing 1 million is a hard job even for the US with full war equipment.
6 million is definitely bullshit.

I don't care about history. We are here in 2019 and we go forward. We're thriving.


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They were voted in by 38% people.


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Because it's death by amount of CITIZENS who died, were Jews citizens at the time? Yes.

Indeed. 40% of Polish casualities were Jews.

A ecли тaк блядь


The only good commie is a dead commie.
The Third Reich didn’t do enough

You really deserve to be nuking again fuckers
T. Korean-Polish hapa

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And that's a good thing.

Your country gonna face the civil war again due to that reason.

This Germany/Poland thing is a very popular topic here, since it's pretty much the same as Japan/Chinks gooks.
If Germany pays reparations, we have to follow suit. We don't want to. So we need to uncuck German lib cucks at all costs.

I didn't say it was a bad thing so don't imply. I love ethnic pure county. Enjoy Arab enrichment.

Stopping the Red Scare was a mistake , as it allowed Cultural Marxism to form

I wish Soviets occupied you instead of yanks and you'd have your Supreme Leader like in North Korea


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Germany and German society already don't want to pay any reparations to Poland and Polish government unfortunately has no legal basis to demanding those reparations.
Our reparation demands are totally different question.

Would Red Army soldiers rape Nip qties?

Yes of course

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Hey Takeshi what about the Dutch East Indies? What happened to those women and children?

>Enjoy Arab enrichment.
Well that goes for you :)
My country is an ethnostate


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First of
you're 20% Arab, Mahmedi.

Also Jews are not ethnicity.

The real problem is Germany has many lib cuck SJWs, this is all because the US/UK have long been guilt-tripping Germany about Holocaust.
Our mission is to uncuck Germany, and make them more pro-Japan pro-US like.