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Jewish turtles edition


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I would release it so it can prey on the virgin local species

shower time

Dumping the flags I went through on my train trip home.






Hannover Region




Couple more Schleswig-Holstein flags from when I went to Kiel at the start of my bike trip.








Based, will post some flags I forgot plus some extras from places I go to semi-frequently later

As promised, here's some rares I forgot from my trip to the Zaan region.
De Rijp



Now more places I pass by or go to semi-regularly

Laren (cute village)

Blaricum (one of the most expensive postal codes in the Netherlands)

Huizen (nothing there except car washes and a yachting harbour)

Gooise Meren - Bussum (town of my youth)

Gooise Meren - Naarden (town that pioneered fortress design after it was massacred by the Spanish)

Gooise Meren - Muiden (comfy town with a nice castle)

Gooise Meren - Muiderberg (depressing condominium town)

Wijdemeren - Kortenhoef (beautiful region)

Wijdemeren - Loosdrecht (best comf that I can reach on my bike)

Weesp (comfy little town)
Will be back with some more flags later


That's very cool man, but is that container in the pic where you keep it all the time? Looks more like a traveling container, don't you have an actual aquarium/terrarium? I used to have two of those water turtles (albeit smaller than yours and they don't live as long) in an aquarium and in it there was some some ground so they could come out on it if they wanted to get out of the water, also some more rocks and stuff.

ok that did it, thanks fren

How old are you?

Forgive me father for I have snooped again.



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Wish I had someone to be with everywhere desu.

Three fucking times! Stop you mentally ill retard!


Back again
Diemen (RIP if you live there)
I was born there :DDDD

Amstelveen (RIP if you live here too)

Velsen (when u steal the Ukrainian flag)

Beverwijk (depressing)

Heemskerk (depressing)

Uitgeest (even more depressing than Heemskerk)

Castricum (slightly more bearable than Uitgeest, but only slightly)
And that's it for today

Ok I'm better now.

I can't wait until I get the PC. I miss my flags.

Have you saved all those that were posted or are you going to wait for the next flagdump?

I don't collect flags.


The container is elongated and has a piece of wood out of the water so it can lay under the sun (I's on the other side), I used to have an slightly bigger container but it was old and ended pierced. I have plans to build a large fenced area with water and grass in a piece of land I own but I fear somebody will steal it and there's the bad weather issue, it used to be smaller so space wasn't that much of an issue a few years ago :^(

many flags :D



and (You) :^)

No problem boyos

bost map of german second-levels

this flag is broken'

getting awfully close there lad

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heh, the fugger pretends to manually tamper the fug...

he just typed in his city?
kek creative


yep, you can select that in Brevard County



drying again x-DD



oh cmon
nigger tampermonkey

I now notice there's a place literally called half-way between Amsterdam and Haarlem

How has Braunschweig not been posted yet? Been there a bunch of times.

dk lad, I don't have it nor I can find it in my previous dumps...

I don't have a map yet, I put them in a folder like the french, italian and dutch ones

How long ago was Leipzig posted?

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peak creativity

a long time ago


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let's see if i got this right

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pls no bully


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Er ontbreken trouwens drie voormalige gemeentes uit de provincie Utrecht (Jutphaas, Zuilen en Zegveld). Ze hebben alledrie vlaggen en kunnen in principe toegevoegd worden, maar Trieste zei dat dat niet meer gedaan werd. Wat is jouw mening hierover?

yo wtf dan heb ik die gemist

huh :^)
>could literally just read the php code to learn how it worked

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Goochel ze, staan allemaal op Wiki
De reden dat ik Oudorp en De Rijp heb is omdat ik en m'n pa naar de Zaanstreek zijn geweest. We zijn een stukje omgereden om naar Sint Pancras te gaan (pa woonde daar in de jaren 70)

Ik zag dat je liep te klagen over Uitgeest, moet je voor stellen dat ik daar een keer 2 uur heb vastgezeten omdat de treinen er uit lagen

Oh en als je nog wat vind wat mist dan moet je dat gewoon zeggen (als ik er ben).
Het is amper moeite


We Algmaar now x-DD

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Ik moet elke keer door Uitgeest als ik naar m'n opa en oma in Castricum ga. Ik heb daarnaast een vent uit Uitgeest gekend, hij verdiende al zijn geld met gokken op voetbalcompetities in Japan en China en bracht z'n vrije tijd door met naar de Mac gaan om middernacht. Zegt veel over het karakter van die plek lol
Is goed gast, zal ik zeker doen

>als je nog wat vind wat mist dan moet je dat gewoon zeggen

issue opened

Zuilen and Jutphaas and corresponding boroughs are in there

Tribute :^)

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>tfw I didn't save the flags I posted myself
>he missed Schiermonnikoog
that sucks, went there just for /flag/


Test 2

checked and done
>that sucks, went there just for /flag/
when? I don't see that name in my dumps :^(

Hello extrafags

fuck me I think 2017?

Here it is then. Pretty sure I even had to change trains there on my way to Kiel.