Is voting considered cool in your country?

Is voting considered cool in your country?

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we have to vote or else we go to jail

So % of voting in brazil is 100?

almost, conscript don't vote

Voting here is a psyop pushed by US embassy and oligarchs so the average person will think he actually has some power over politics in this country.

It's considered normal we vote every few months

Are you forced to express a preference? Sounds kind of stupid tb h

we have the "right" to vote, but if you don't...

It's mandatory



For young people, yes
For boomers, no

I wish it was here too. No politician has balls to introduce it.

It's alri. Because it's mandatory they can do stuff like sell sausages and cakes at booths, makes it a bit of an event. A lot of people turn up just to get some cheap food

Where my South American niggas at

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Thats retarded idea, anyone who even consider such move in an aging society should get fork in the spine

no. It's considered necessary for state elections, but people have little faith in the presidential elections.

But old people already vote disproportionately more than everyone else, at least in this country

what? do Brazilians go to jail for not voting?

In some countries the elderly aren't vegetables.

Literally tyrannical.

i know

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It's not really a representative democracy if voting is just left to the people that can be bothered is it?
You end up with just a bunch of bored old people waiting in line and 50% turnout
Federal elections here hover around 90-95%
Voting is every citizen's duty, simple as