Why did multiculturalism work in Europe but not America?

Why did multiculturalism work in Europe but not America?

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It's the other way around


It doesnt work anywhere. It's just a prelude to civil war and glorious ethnic cleansing

No, we are just not seeing it in the same degree since our mass immigration has been happening for a much shorter time but the conditions are actually way worse.

God imagine being that man and forcing your dick onto the eyes of muslima prudes

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The real question is, why is that man naked in front of those two swimsuit hijabis?

Women are not prudes anywhere, they just do whatever their men tell them.

It works here in Switzerland

This. My somali gf doesn't understand why I don't want children with her. I don't want that my children would be marched to the gas chambers.

Multiculturalism with europeans is not multiculturalism with nonwhites

t muhammad al ahmed
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Why would he have to dress? If they want they can cover their eyes too lmao

Multiculturalism only works when you ban the men and only import the attractive women. Any other way is doomed to fail.

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Uhh because he's swimming. Why would you swim with your clothes on? They'd get wet.

Yugos immigration was way worse than Syrians and niggers we get now.
I'm probably one of the few pure Swiss left kek

Your multiculturalism is neither a yugo nor a nonwhite one, but a german-italian-french one.


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Yeah maybe in the '80 kek. We have every single nationality here in Switzerland. Just go to the lake on a sunday is like a int meetup there's people from every corner of the world. Lately a lot of Erithreans are coming and they're better than Albanians that's for sure

OP is a fake campaign image from Germany, reality looks like this That swiss poster is obviously a delusional champagne-socialist

We have every single nationality here too, that doesn't mean that every one of them has a noticeable impact on our multiculturalism.