Brown regueton shitholes that think they're european and nordic and western and not africa level failed states brown...

brown regueton shitholes that think they're european and nordic and western and not africa level failed states brown regueton shitholes with low IQ.

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We dont like regueton, CULOmbiano.

>literally the place where danza kuduro comes from

Agreed, even Argentina is currently brown

is from angola

angola is basically another luso shithole.

Southern Brazil is white and they like country music (Sertanejo).

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>Not including Spen
One job

nice thread

honestly anything is better than blacks. at least they don't eat mud cookies and rape babies to cure their AIDS.


Retards who dislike reggaeton are probably incels who couldn't dance and fuck with a hot qt.

but Chile is BASED and WHITE

>Southern Brazil is white
still monkeys
not that it's a bad thing, it just kills overexpectations

you like reggaeton because you can't understand the lyrics. To put it into perspective, imagine that you're going to the beach with your 6yo daughter and wife. Then suddenly this group of people use the expensive speakers on their cars to put music that literally says "I like to lick your two holes... I like to open your legs and eat that pussy... you started to get wet... let's fuck again because I'm too horny..." and other similar shit. It's not pleasant

Very cool post, thanks Colombia

hip hop is like that tho

This, when will people realize criollos aren't like "muh whites" in northern countries?

Funk carioca is even worse than raeggeaton.

>REEEEEEE this video represents 30 million people
browncel niggas lel


please stop talking aboout my country we are not brownn spic like you we are honorary americans and when the time comes we are going to be annexed by america while you are annexed by mexico

If criollos were really like "muh whites" in northern countries, our countries would be much prosperous and resemble their countries, or at the very least, would have a much noticeable succesful WASP presence like South Africa and Zimbabwe used to. Instead, we live in a shithole with concentrated private neighborhoods for criollos that are only better off than the poor neighborhoods because of how hellish that landscape is.

Criollos are lazy entitled wiggers who listen to reggaeton or other black/brown music. One autistic brazillian or even an entire LARPing family valuing their tradition doesn't change that, the Iberians left a heritage that encouraged lazyness and carelessness over work ethics.

>~30 million/210 million is enough to make the country turn from third world to first world
also, better be third world conservative than first world progressive

I will at least agree with that.

I was born in latino america and spanish is my first language. I understand why you dislike the lyrics of a typical reggaeton song, however must women listen to it. I'm not saying you're obliged to like it but at least try to blend in with them so you can date them or something.

i fucking hate diaspora god i wish bolsonaro started sending the secret police to every latino family in north american and europe

que dios bendiga el reggaeton...

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cool bread dude

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Why do you assume that if you don't like reggaeton, you're an antisocial?
lmao there are other musical genres, not only that r*ggueshit

BASED. Don't disrespect reggaeton.

because it's mainstream
not that metal doesn't have hot chicks
they're just fewer

Im not brown and dont have an IQ lower than 100

>Why do you assume that if you don't like reggaeton, you're an antisocial?
Because it is kind of like that. Not sure in your country tho, but most of my friends in mine listen to reggaeton.
>lmao there are other musical genres
Yes, but tell me which one has more qts. I would totally love having a cute smart programmer gf who listens to decent music, but that is really rare.