Salvini fucked himself up

Salvini fucked himself up.
lmao good bye italy

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Io, nel dubbio, voto PD.

ok i want a black gf

Good news for people like me who votes PD


good luck turning italy into some afro islamic shithole in 30 years

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>Solvini solves Italy


What happened?

what happened

Only brainlets vote for Salvini.
He's literally just a drama-queen.

Io voto PD.

>salvini don't let him immigrants
ohhh sweet summer's child from the banana republic

When I think of the pride you fuckers have thrown to our faces, insulting, downgrading us, calling us irredeemable... not even funny

Was there ever any real hope that the MS5-Lega coalition would actually last any longer than it did? Apparently it was always doomed to fail.

Right winger fucks things up: episode 500

This. He's a prima donna

>Salvini fucked himself up.
And that's a good thing.

If you really think Salvini was doing anything relevant to stop immigration you're retarded.
He was just capitalizing on the issue to get votes, like acting like a strongman against the NGO boats while a lot more africans kept landing unhindered.

i just came back from rome, there is literally no visual difference between an italian and someone from like morocco

they did so well
we are poorer than before now

So the list of countries going to shit quickly:
Now Italy? Putin laughing?

Yes it could have worked, it can always work with diplomacy. In France there was a similar political windows between France insoumise (5*) and Rassemblement national (lega) ; our lefties are just unbelievabely more retarded than italian lefties nevertheless.

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They would still be there if Salvini didn't go full retard


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It could have lasted the whole term if Salvini weren't a complete retard, as the M5s has absolutely no interest in calling the elections again.

t. muhammad ibn alla huackbar

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See burger he liked you obviously, standing in front of your flag is a symbol