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I hate Ronald Reagan

shit edition

I hate Ronald McDonald

Jews are responsible for mass immigration into white countries

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I believe you're thinking of /bird/

This is leftypol

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Ahh, hello. Was it you who rang the Bell of Awakening?

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HALLO there lads! HULLO LADS! hollo there me lads! hillooow me guvnaahhss!! im one of the brit posters, chuffed as a bubber me lads!

why are europeans so weak?

salad dressing stinging cheeks of my mouth
fair bit of pain

charlie needs his fucking meds ASAP

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Tim hasn't tweeted for 7 hours


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would chin both in one fell swoop


real thread please

he flung cum at the builder thugs like that scene from silence of the lambs
they did him in

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hate micks and the celtic fringe
wish it was just england

Woahhhh she had a tough paper round

is this the end? is a gonna go to oxford and do a video naked in the middle of the park?

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He's stuck in the Black Lodge.

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Iceland (the store) (British-occupied)


sunken place*

whats that mean aha
top o the mornin to ya

beta male

that looks like the beach in san diego

>is a
is he*

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Ronald Reagan is responsible for California being 90% Mexican

is posting fucked up again FFS

take it to /cum/ virgin noone even knows who that is here

been r*porting every single yank post as offtopic

The M word

Saffer jew is fucking seething

"rowdy" ronny ray gun

*hands corbyn the keys to #10*

absolutely based post

business idea: king kong balls hong kong style


well wasn't that far off was i

there is a significant chance i'll end up with a chinese gf at some point

two completely different places but yeah cheers

good lad

the scran

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Gigachad is doing an Instagram ama, turns out he's in a fascist party

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lets face it the leftyyanks have gone properly mental now

what happened

same state
2h drive which is nothing for the such a big state.

now that's based

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HATE it when the bowl overflows and spills
first world problem though amirite
whats the black stuff? fish of some kind?

two entirely distinct cultures but yeah cheers

I hate libtards and communists

Fascism is a chad ideology


you may not be a lib, but you sure are a tard charlie

there is not culture in the us let alone in california. now shut your mouth you ugly spacker

t. Libtard communist

honkler went as quick as it came
can't remember the last one to reach such a peak and suddenly nose dive

very insensitive comment


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charlie pls go

two completely opposing ideologies
retarded fat spic manlet

Seethe more libtards

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How exactly do boomers suggest we get out of this mess our generation are in? We're never going to amass wealth or investments like they did.

They got lucky that the house they bought for £3000 suddenly became worth £200,000. And they fucked it up more by hoovering up what was left with buy-to-lets and rented it out to their kids

But it's not like one day houses we buy for £150,000 are going to be worth £800,000 unless there's hideous inflation which hardly helps. And house prices are NEVER going to be allowed to crash.

So what exactly do they expect us to do? Shake our bosses hand harder? Just get up and find another job among the increasing number of applicants for a single position?

based based based

Antifa are just violent liberals
They are the boot boys for capitalism
Yum brans paramilitary force if you will

memes used to make a gradual move from here to reddit to twitter etc.
Now they go straight to twitter

youre a budget brand emmett

not allowing a single photon of light to register in my eye ball from that post

wish I was in a deep cave in outer mongolia now

they're saying the electoral college is racist and need it out of business
also some daft lass tried firebombing an ICE place
also there was a conference yesterday called "ending racism, violence and authoritarianism" and antifa tried to shut it down with the usual harassment and threats of violence because they thought it was secretly all nazis

>browse /v/ for a long time, think its a massive chaotic shithole mired in console wars, trolling and off-topic spam where you can't even talk about games
>get board of video games, drift to /tv/ for two years
>go back to /v/
>it seems wierdly quite, on-topic, threads are actually about games
What happened? Has /v/ really calmed down is /tv/ just that fucked that /v/ seems like a fucking forum compared to it?

You're a seething white leftist with a small dick who lives with his mommy

in rome lads

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charlie falling for emmetts shtick is one of the least surprising things of all time

you have brown eyes and a brown swarthy complexion

blog on incel stop posting on Jow Forums and go out

projecting chodelet

sent a rant to the gf about universities

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What you been up to today lid?

Are you feeling dysphoric as fuck today?

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quite bellyaching and go out chase that sweet do-re-mi

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bit hot out innit

when in rome lad

i thought the french were meant to be good in a kitchen
>In 2013, they found horse meat in products from a supplier that could have ended up at barracks.
ah yes, the french

they expect us to raise families in £550,000 2 bed apartments

the generation who grew up knowing only this will have it worse, roomsharing will be a thing by then, you'll have lawyers and bankers going home to their roomshare where they share a room and bed with 3 other professionals

Bankberg will never let the housing market crash as you say, as it makes up a large part of their portfolios

/tv/ has always been the worst board it's just /b/ that thinks its funnier than it is

nothing wrong with a bit of horse meat

I despise every single homosexual


you're not white

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havent watched telly outside bbc for dearies yonks

Jews want to create a mulatto slave class to labor for them and be mass consumerists, who will be too dumb to ever rise up against them and stupid enough to fall for literally any propaganda they put out there