Ever wonder how Finland is so unpopulated?

Ever wonder how Finland is so unpopulated?
Pic taken by me right now in Helsinki

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Why does Finland look like the poor parts of Sweden?

>Espoo-tier suburb

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Eating some juusto-pekonisämpylä from lidl

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Espoo is rich and full of home owners, Helsinki and Vantaa are for poor "people"

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Ever heard of Kontula sweaty?

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Probably because your masses of mosquitos.

There aren't mosquitos in southron Finland

>funland had to import wheat for that, sad

Who here lives in Vuosaari? I got my eyes on you

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Are you gonna jump?

My point is, it's too far and detached from the center, how can it be considered a part of Helsinki?
Everything east of Vanhankaupunginselkä is it's own separate town and not a part of the city.

Would it be more intetesting to travel to Finland or Bulgaria?

>City funding
>City transport

Also only the VAST minority live in the center

Redpill me on Vantaa

Bulgaria, Finland is the most boring and expensive place you can travel to

Feel free to come to Kontula though so I can rob your tourist money

How is insulation in these buildings? Can you hear your neighbors?

Another Finland thread made by a Finn

It's down that way

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where is the airport? i think it is in vantaa
is that the tower on the left? or that's a water tower?

Nice! Also very beautiful view. Enjoy ^_^

Why does Finland look like the poor parts of Sweden ?

>rob me
I show up at Pizza Roosa in my gorka suit, what do?

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because it's a poor part of sweden

Nasty place where all the poor people from the countryside and Somalia congregate and do drugs

Why do Finns have so many commieblocks?

Do you think someone from Kontula would know where the airport is?

I think its a bit to the left of the water tower, but I can't capture it that well on the camera

The building that I'm on top of - not your next door neighbours. But you can hear the upstairs and downstairs neighbours if they're loud enough.


Why does Finland look like the poor parts of Sweden ?

Housing is very expensive in Helsinki.

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I call in my boys from (former) Halal Fried Chicken and Shisha Cafe to beat you up.

a lot of people needed homes in the 70s when they moved from countryside to capital area and other cities so they had to build a fuckton of commieblocks to accommodate them
nowadays they are building 24/7 but only proper houses or mini-skyscrapers

Is Finland a very high end Swedish concentration camp?

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I saw on Snapchat map stories that there's a lot of immigrants there. Has the place become worse than , say, 20 years ago? Or is it all the same

Recently biked to Arabia, near kalasatama and saw these beauties

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No one outside there would know but it has been a joke for a very long time

How you mean joke? Like everything's dumb or just non relevant?

Would you walk on here?

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People who live there are losers

Chu mean cunt

Finland looks like an upgraded Russia. Better buildings but the surroundings and overall feel is very similar.

Well we did create Russia so it's no surprise there.

How did you get on top of the roof. Arent the access doors supposed to be locked? Do you work in maintenance?

You should've done it better

Commieblocks are so comfy

Finland didn't exist before 1917.

Access doors are locked yes, but there was some construction going on the side of this building, so I sneaked in, went on top, made a hole in the construction plastic surrounding the work near the rooftop and then I just squeezed myself in.
Can't show you a photo, since I just came back down.

Oh Finland again. How many times will you compare your cities to Chernobyl?

Everyone important lives in the center. You're as pointless as bonde från Närpes.

>important people

It wasn't on purpose

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You won't cheat us, fingay, it's rather cheap.

We are poorer image of you.
Thats price Finns paid of being part of Swedish empire and then part of Russian one.

Sorry for what? That one european jew sabotaged our entire architecture?

Uh, sweaty, how about Suvela

>not russian subhumans

Because the picture is taken in a poor neighborhood

It did. Republic of Finland didn't

t. other

>one niggertown changes the fact that people in espoo make more dough
only gränkulli swedus are wealthier in all of Finland

I dont know how filthy rich you are but 7€ for a beer is expensive

Suvela, Epekepe, Kivenlahti, Olari. Onhan näitä täällä.