Found out I was born in India

The disputed region is Kashmir but for some reason Indian map includes Baltistan region of Pakistan and some part of our Hazara district which I reside in, I want my indian nationality, hand it over you cucks

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Sorry lad you're disqualified from getting our citizenship as it seems *checks notes* you partook in that half an hour solidarity march for the plight of Kashmiris.


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Kashmir belongs to India.
FUCK China and FUCK Pakistan

You didn't know India claims Baltistan as its own?

Pakistan should be split between India and a revitalized Persia

Will never happen considering Iranoids are dominted by Punjabis and Urdu niggas

No I didn't, I dont know why, its retarded. There will come a day when the indian map shows the whole of middle east, Afghanistan, Pakistan, iran and turkey as Indian clay

India is a triracial mess. I’m so glad I’m not some extreme mutted creature from South Asia or the middle-east, or North Africa. Golly, how do you guys live with that fact? Being mutts and all?

Baltistan was part of J&K province you stupid paki

In the long run we are all mutts. Europeans were the amalgamation of Neanderthals and Homosapiens

Gee, OP, it's like you're living a real-life Manto story.

But you’re recent mutts. Europeans are one race (100% Caucasian) while you’re a mixture of three different races and look ugly for it.

No one is really pure since there are different ethnicities in europe itself, med, germanic, anglo, nordic and slavic being some and most are mixed like this apart from the inbred who live on an island and the viking living in the far north. Some of those viking happened to have some slavic admixture as well as some have a little sami(mongoloid)

Right except most Europeans are 100% Caucasian. Sure there are outliers in southern Italy, southern Spain, Russia etc...but that pales in comparison to the extreme mongrelness of South Asia. Ethnicities are just that, a tribe of a race. There are zero pure people in South Asia.

Who the fuck actually cares about this shit?


well it doesn't really matter in the end. I can imagine some neanderthal getting spaztic that the homosapiens were taking over and 1000's of years later we have the modern man. 1000's of years later there will be some other races of afro-mogoloid-dravid people

Where more mutt than ever with the movement of europeans because of wars and such. The only pure aryan are inbred bulls like me.

I'm white, too. Half Slav, half potato. Can't remember the last time I talked about my ethnicity and racial identity before this post, either on Jow Forums or in the real world.

from what I've noticed Pakis are more attractive than Indians

Pakistan makes the same type of claim for all of J&K, dumbass

Kashmir is Tibet and thus China

Largely, yes. Most Pakis are Sindhi and Punjabi. Makes them a more Caucasoid group than most of india


wtf Serbia?
I thought we were bros?

Sorry, but China oppress muslims better and therefore more cool.

The guy on the left is Virat Kohli, a Punjabi. Aka, guy whose family is from that Caucasoid part of OP's map and ethnically closer to most pakis than fellow indians

By this measure, Pakistan was part of India so I can also say Pakis are closely related to fellow Indians. I am Punjabi btw.

I don’t care, I’m talking about the here and now. Most Europeans are virtually 100% Caucasian while there’s no a single ethnic group in South Asia that is a pure race of Caucasian, australoid or mongoloid. The paki has like 40-50% Dravidian admixture.

They’re ugly just like pajeets because of australoid bloodline.

Sarfraz is muhajir

dravidans a little but not australoid. Australoid is limited to very south of india

pay no heed , theres this one paki race obsessed autist in Canada spouting haplogroups eveytime
that being said this is Jow Forums wtf did you expect

I'm Punjabi too and yes, pakis are closely related to indians. It's just that Punjabis, Gujaratis and Rajasthanis are a small portion of India, while Punjabis and Sindhis are most of Pakistan. Having actually been to india, I'm pretty concrete in my belief that the more Caucasoid the region, the better looking on average.

Dravidians are australoid mutts. Australoid is a race, Dravidians aren’t pure australoids. Pure australoids are new guineans, aus abos, andamanese etc...

Where do you think we are?

He isn't Paki thats some other retard

Dravidians ARE Australoid-Caucasoid mutts. The most dravidian tribe in South India, Irular are classified under proto-Caucasoid.

Retards, Dravidians != Tamils. Dravidian is just a placeholder term used for groups hwose racial heritage is unknown. There are Dravidians in Pakistan and Bihar, the only reason why Tamils are called Dravidian is because they're the only ones who are relevant.

It’s not a belief if it’s 100% ipsofacto fact. South asians are all ugly except for the ones that rear towards a pure race (Caucasian or mongoloid). All dravidians are ugly since brown is gross. I’ve seen some attractive paki females, I bet they’re at best 70% Caucasian. If she was less than that she’d be uglier no doubt.

Hello there, fellow Mongolian bvlls.

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>Why,yes, I'm a pure Aryan warrior of Allah, how could you tell?

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>What was that? Yes, macha, I am pure Australoid Telugu BVLL, you could tell?

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YES you are indian
YES you are paki
YES you are white

what does a dravidian + mongo mix look like? arent dravidians already just mongo + australoid?

The first ones were, then intermarriages happened

I dont know, Pakistan just has caucasoid and dravidian in south

They look Bengali. The mongoloid race came from the Australoids.

Step aside, Telugu and Mohajir cucks. The REAL Australoid CHAD is here.

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He looks like Dhalsim.

Bengalis are even more of a mixed bag because there are both mongo+dravidian and Caucasoid+dravadian

kek he kinda does

watha siriche sethutten


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we wuz hellenes n shieet

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Which one is most based and/or redpilled in pic related?

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