Mexico is an Indio country obssessed with white women

Mexico is an Indio country obssessed with white women.
P E R I O D.

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aber pvto mesero no porque tu seas indio nos hace a todos indios como tu hahahahah mi northern mexico es europeo

We are all Indios.

White women are for BLACK BVLLS ONLY, Br*wn boi

STFU albino nigga.

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talk about bestiality

We're not from India. How are we related with Indians?


Low Indio IQ.

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God I wish right she were me

All non-whites are obsessed with white women. Especially brown people towards blondes.

Bases Spanish Poster.

She is not white

If she is not white?
Then what is?

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Orange. Do you guys not know colours?

She is brown skinned

No, our education is shit.
What color is this?

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It's white but I must ask you to post more so I can study colours on human skin

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>this thread

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Holy fuck she's uggo. Latinas are 10 times better.


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This, kind of


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