Hello, user

Hello, user.
It is Saturday.
What are you doing, and what have you already done today?

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I mean Sunday..

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I am half Armenian

I went to the gym this morning and spent the res tof the day doing fuck all

Me too

>Hello, user.
>It is Saturday.
Hello there! It's Sunday evening here

>What are you doing
I'm creating this post right now

>what have you already done today?
Today marks the start of the new hijri (Islamic) calendar, so it's a vacation for me today. I'm trying to use this opportunity to study a bit but browsing the internet is becoming too addicting and distracting...what about you user? Tell us about yourself too

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I though you were banned

>Hello, user.
>It is Saturday.
>What are you doing, and what have you already done today?
Had a walkie with the dog. Played some bari sax and I'm cooling one at the moment.

>I am half Armenian
I think I shouldn't post about that anymore.
Janny doesn't like it.
>I though you were banned
And? Going along with Jow Forums bans is voluntary, and I'm not going to respect a Jow Forums ban.

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Work, like the filthy subhuman that I am

I'm getting out of the bed. Gonna shower and eat a burger near my house.

I got shitfaced drunk and am now vomiting uncontrollably. Please help.

>Today marks the start of the new hijri (Islamic) calendar, so it's a vacation for me today.
I didn't know that. I hope you enjoy this vacation.
>what about you user? Tell us about yourself too
Today is a long weekend here, because Monday is a public holiday.
I am just posting on Jow Forums right now, and I do not have any plans for today.

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I'm eating
I already run 5km with my bike

It's Monday in Japan
I played Metal Gear Solid V on Sunday

I cleaned around my apartment and now i am mentally preparing for my night shift

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What are you eating/did you eat, user?
>It's Monday in Japan
Yes, but only barely.
I hope you had a good Sunday and have a good Monday, user.
Did you do anything more than cleaning your apartment, user? Anything fun?

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Tired. I drove 13 hours home from Florida

Well, that's okay. You shouldn't feel pressured to do things simply for the sake of doing something.
You posted on Jow Forums. Maybe that's fun for you?

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wow, quiet the grind

what were you doing there if you dont mind asking, vacation? visiting friends? just enjoying the nice weather down there?

just woke up and finished watching the live russia premier soccer games

I moved there

oh lol


Laugh at the half armenian poster threads in desuarchive

went shopping for clothes, met up with me mum for lunch, now im gonna play vidya until i can't stay awake anymore

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>What are you doing
In a few hours I'll be going to a friend's house to watch a match of a sport I don't really care about (soccer)
>what have you already done today?
I broke a 40 day NoFap streak this morning

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