Why do Japanese men hate their women? I would kill for a qt like this

Why do Japanese men hate their women? I would kill for a qt like this.

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they do like them but only the children
since those are the only tight enough for their 7cm dicks

How many men would you kill in order to acquire this woman?

because they are incels who should have sex

they look exotic to you because you're not Japanese

That guy is half white and half malaysian

I think they love them actually
he is not Japanese

Whats with all the hate towards Japanese men? wtf did they do to deserve this?

that youtuber is not even 50% japanese

don't kill me pls

never let a finn get too drunk and you will be safe

>Why do Japanese men hate their women?
??? what??

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>Why do Japanese men hate their women?
Because Japanese women hate japanese men for being ugly. They prefer Gaijin bvlls

actually from what I observed they love Japanese men much more than any other men they actually even dislike foreigners

Japanese men almost universally prefer Asian women if not exclusively.

japanese men prefer their own women.

why foreigners want to believe it?

I love Japanese women.

Why don't they fuck em then?

that's not false.

why does he have a hairclip?


Most Japanese men love only Japanese women. Japanese women are too attractive.

Japan is one of the few countries where the men don't hate their own woman unlike Americans or Russians and especially Koreans have a deep hatred for their own woman

>jap women

almost always feminists or nhilists, over 10% of women in Japan have done some sort of pornographic work

QTs like that are rare and they are either idols or reserved to top tier rich japanese.
Average japanese girl does not look like that and they are not hated.
IDK where you got the idea that Japanese men neglect their women. They have higher birthrates than Europeans, should we start assuming Europeans hate their women?

They're way uglier than photoshopped thots circulating in the media and that's part of the problem. Anyone who's ever watched a JAV knows what I mean, the girl on the cover is always looking like an angle while the women in the film are below average most likely getting blackmailed by the yakuza.

not really. i've noticed that they look up to us and find us exotic

What is this disconnect with reality that incels have with their obsession with Japan while their own countries have the same birthrates as Japan? And if you take away non-White births from Europe, US, Canada, the white birthrate in Western countries is lower than Japan?


Meanwhile in 100 years, Japan's population will be lower but it will still be Japanese while Europe will be brown with at least 40 - 50% population will be Muslim, the US will look like Brazil and Canada will be majority-Asian.

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do they really get blackmailed how does that work?

I dont think so
nope I have read it many many time in forums and stuff like that they they seem to really love Japanese men more than any other
and many times they said that only old and ugly woman marry foreigners

japanese men are very royal to their own women...

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Who gives a fucking shit about whiteness you new world retard it doesn't even fucking exist faggot incel now please stop posting virginal reddit obsessions with birth rates and demographics with the autistic le demographics is destiny meme from fascists I couldn't give a shit if Ireland was totally brown in the future so long as it's successful.

American and European men hate their own women.

I've notice this on Jow Forums.

I think a lot of people prefer sensational foreign bushes to japanese beauties who are tired of seeing them.

I can't say I have proof but have you seen how many different one-time actresses JAV has? Do you think the producers go to the streets to ask some random chick to swallow and vomit the creampie with tentacles another actress already had in her ass?

It honestly bugs me too. Along with the retards that think that all “schoolgirls” or Japanese girls in general look like models. They dump a ton of pictures, and say “huurrrr all Japs look like diss”

I love Japanese girl so much.

They lowkey love ntr. I don’t like cucks

Nah, only retarded yellow-feveroids, like that Austrian incel who has no chance with any other women so he resorts to posting filtered photos of asian women with plasters of makeup

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more like this.

>Meanwhile in 100 years, Japan's population will be lower but it will still be Japanese

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They love it more than white men? I don't think so

I agree with this lol.

Stop samefagging, everyone can see the poster count


Russian women hating their own men.

because Russian men are violence,no moni and suicidal lel
no wonder many Russian women leaving Russia for foreign dick.

Based Russki
all the people posting cherrypicked Japanese girls

but I dont HATE the woman here......

this is what the workers go through.


You're dumb if you think Japanese are really accepting of foreigners
Japan is notorious for breaking foreigners and ostracizing them, they ostracize ainu and okinawans so imagine what a non japanese looking person will go through.

Work hierarchy in Japan is though and pretty much like a 2nd family, outsiders rarely get to take part on those hierarchies unless it's for some job that they can be exploited, which in that case they always remain on the bottom of the ladder until they give up and get replaced.

This is the harsh truth to you weebs.

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Unlike the west they don't give them citizenship

I thought it was 340,000 by 2024? Also I started a group that’s working on a plan to turn the Japanese against this stuff. We need an English teacher or someone in Japan who knows Native Japanese with the same ideology.

Does it matter how they're "treated"? They're still gonna reproduce like crazy, unlike the japanese. Everyone here hates gypsies, doesn't stop them from spreading.
Not that I know of but:
>Foreign workers in those fields who hold stronger qualifications and pass a Japanese language test will also be allowed to bring family members and can obtain permanent residency status.

well, i've watched many interviews and that's what deduced (without considering the ''they're tall and more blunt compared to japanese guys'' part) they're also evidently influenced by the looks of hollywood actors and such.

what i deduced*


>still gonna reproduce like crazy

everything is controlled my boy. I remember reading some news about some SEA slut that got pregnant in Japan and she was given 2 options, abord the kid or GTFO Japan. The reason for this is simple, they dont want foreign kids and the conpany doesn't want to pay for preganancy leave or whatever its called.
The foreigners go through a process that they need to be vetted to see if they know like N4 japanese and then they are given a bunk bed with other gaijin for accomodation. Those gaijin end up living like rats and gaining minimum wage that is used to pay expenses from companies that got them into schools to learn Japanese and therefore hired by work companies. Watch the 2nd video.

You dont know hwo the truth is. Most foreigners end up GTFO because they feel unwelcomed and the conditions are really harsh. You dont know this because Japanese news will not report this.

why are you comparing Jaapan to other shitholes that let gypsies do whatever they want.
Japan is monitoring everything gaijins do. Also remember watching some documentary about some american gaijin buttmad that he found out his aprtment was rigged with a camera. LMAO

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but I think the kids dont get citizenship because at least one parent must be Japanese to get one
Well they just lie to be polite
I have seen this many many time that they actually dislike them but not all of course

Japanese are nice and polite to foreigners until they realise you're not a tourist. After that you get ignored.
Remember that cuck Ryan Boudless that now lives in Kenya because Japan broke him?

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Can they really "control" half a million workers that they themselves are requesting in the first place to alleviate labor shortage, meaning it would be in their best interest not to scare them away?

According to the video Japan has a total of 320k foreign workers. This means the total would almost triplicate by 2025, and I'm pretty sure the government wasn't treating those first 320k with the same demand or need as the other 500k that they're expecting.

Also, japanese themselves have abysmal work conditions and even have a term for death by overworking.

Ryan Boudess? Give brief rundown?
So Japan has a natural defense against outsiders.. that makes very good.

also a quick note, chinese people in japan went from 100k in 1986 to 700k in 2012.

And 200k brazillians today.

Those are Japanese Brazilian tho. They aren't getting pardo from Rio or Indians in the north or nigger from the north east but more Japanese race.

Delusional jap

>20 yo uni gradutate moves to Japan
>"holy shit I want to live here forever"
>becomes english teacher
>reach 30s can barely get employed because school rather employ young and fresh out of university gradues, just like he once was
>not many friends while living there for years besides other loser gaijin
>locals don't treat him properly or like a human despite talking perfect japanese
>his exGF had to do all the basic shit for him like bank stuff, buying groceries etc because everyone just ignored him
>one day he flips ou and decides to move to Kenya

Faggot probably never considers moving back to USA because he literally has no work experience outside being an ALT for kids.

The migrants are limited to be there for like 5 years, plenty of them disappear, but those who are caught end up being deported and barred from entring the country forever.
There's a rule, if you're overstaying your visit, you are not welcomed.
Plenty of idiots who stay in Japan illegally get their working VISA expired and thus cannot get a job or even rent accomodation, with that when they try to GTFO back to their home country because they cant survive without shelter or income, the authorities blacklist you.
Some of those illegal immigrants even go as far as trying to marry Japanese people after their VISA expired to try and get a marriage VISA so they dont get banned.
Japan is not USA, they really are strict with all foreigners.

Anotehr thing that I forgot to tell you.
When you want to work in Japan, you need to contact your local japanese embassy and ask them to issue a working VISA. If they successfully process a ViSA, you are given a spercific type of job VISA. Based on that, the VISA you will get will only allow you to apply for certain jobs. Example, teaching VISA only allows you to do teaching jobs like teaching english etc. If you want a new VISA you need to go to the government and re.apply for it. From what I've heard its not easy to change.

*Ryan Boundless.

LMFAO apparently he had to leave kenya like 3 days ago.
idk what his plans are now

>I've read on forums
>I've watched interviews
Stop talking out of your asses then. You don't know shit about a country until you live there for at least a year.


Russia is famous for mail order bride.

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>Russia is famous for mail order bride.
This thread about "men hating women". Not about gold diggers.

what? does he even look japanese to you? i watch his channel all the time. his mom is from malaysia and his dad is white. he grew up in england.

go back to your country

>watch his channel all the time


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it's hilarious. he's like 30 years old and acts like a child. and the whole saga of him working hard to come to japan and hating it and then his life problems like his dad dying. it's like misery porn

Por quê cara?

Most Asians--whether male or female--look like androgynous insects. Take a gook girl and a chink man, shave their heads, and then put them side-to-size in gender-neutral clothes. Nine times out of ten, you won't be able to tell which has the cock and which has the pussy.

You're Asian too my indo European friend

>Unlike the west they don't give them citizenship
but we don't

So... you bought this 3/10 goblin and believe that’s the best what we have to offer?

damage control lel

Ohhhhhh shit, THAT guy. Yeah, I remember seeing one of his videos where he seemed completely blackpilled. He talked about being like a second class citizen or some shit. Honestly that’s pretty dope. I wish it’d happen to more blacks and poos that moved there. I wanna temporarily teach English there too. 23, currently in college. I started an online operation to turn Japan against foreign immigrants. We don’t want Japan to become another globohomo nation like everywhere else.
>pic not related

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He just got stopped by the police for filming childs

Oh, for sure

If you go to Japan without a contract then yeah you're going to get fucked.
Ideally you get there with a company interested in you, so getting a visa is way easier. I know a bunch of people who did it this way and it turned out okay.

Inmigrating to a country with literally nothing to give is always harsh, especially if you don't do it in a cucked western country that will bend over so you can be a criminal with no consequences.