Does this also happen in your country Jow Forums?

Does this also happen in your country Jow Forums?

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Dunno, wouldn't be surprised though.

no, my gf dates me because of my free cock

If the date doesn't go well just don't pay for her

Buncha cum hustlers fiending for their daily protein intake

Most of the girls who I've went on dates with have insisted on paying their share


I wouldn't know, I'm volcel

I wouldn't know, I'm volcel

I thought women paid half in feminist countries

All relationships are business like transactions. Women only want men for money and the goods that he could potentially provide her and men only want women for sex

Hm, all girls, that i had date here, refused to get some "free food" of me and bought all for own money. Though it has to do for first dates only.

No, here it's customary to split the check

That's bullshit. It is not like they are starving. Why would you willingly hang out with someone you don't like?


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>only want women for sex
Spoken like a 18yo.
I also want her to tell me where my socks are.

honestly can you blame them
if I was a girl I would exploit all my desperate incel orbiters

It's pretty common for both to pay for their own food

How the fuck would I know? I can't even get women to let me give them a free meal.


>title proves to be misleading in the first paragraph
based american journalism

Yes and no. I live in NYC and the feminists insist on it unless it's a first date. But your average conservative girl like my ex wants you to pay for everything and then despite being "conservative" doesnt do any of the feminine shit for you.

you actually read the articles like a fucking NERD? wtf dude lmao you're not supposed to do that

>reading articles

where the fuck you think you are? reddit???

>doesnt do any of the feminine shit for you.
hmm that's a problem. lady, if i work and you don't you better do the rest.

my mom used to do this a lot

Most of the girl I've been with paid but because they weren't interested in me and didn't want to feel 'in debt' to me


Rights for women, duties for men.